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Posted March 1, 2009 by oldereyes
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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes – Marcel Proust

Sometimes Older Eyes work, too Bud


Necessary Definitions

Sage – a wise man; a man of gravity and wisdom; especially, a man venerable for years, and of sound judgment and prudence.

Curmudgeon – an ill-tempered old person full of stubborn ideas or opinions.

Fool – A person with poor judgment or little intelligence; a jester, a person whose role was to entertain a sovereign and the court, often with foolishness.

I’ve been wondering lately what it would be like to be able to relive my life knowing what I know now. Or if I was able to give my grown children a view of the world through my Older Eyes, would it change their lives? Here’s a provocative proposition: If I could get every twenty-year old to look at the world through sixty-four year old eyes for just a few minutes, it would either change them for the better or kill them. Provocative but probably not true. I doubt there are many young men making bucket lists as a result of watching Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

With a do-over unlikely and getting my children to listen to my archaic opinions only slightly less so, I’ll record the view through my Older Eyes here in Bud’s Blog.   As you read each post, you decide … Sage, Curmudgeon, or Fool … we can agree to disagree on which is which. Your comments are welcome, whatever your age.   If what you read changes you for the better, I’d especially like to know.   Hopefully there will be no casualties.   If you are new here and want a taste of my Older Perspective before diving in, The Best of Feeling Older offers a few of my favorite posts on aging.  Finally, if my work inspires you to try blogging … or even if you think, Jeez, I can do this better than Older Eyes – there are a series of posts on doing just that on my page, Starting a WordPress Blog.


TBT – Looking Like Dad

Posted September 19, 2019 by oldereyes
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This is a Throwback Thursday repost of a post about my Dad I that first posted in April of 2011 with the title Family Resemblance.   I miss my Dad every time I read it.

For most of my life, I thought I looked like my mother but as I aged and people saw me with my Dad, they began to say we looked alike.   This picture, taken at my daughter’s wedding rehearsal dinner, was the first time I ever really saw it.   But I had evidence of the family resemblance much earlier.

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My Dad was a man of few words. He taught us mostly by example, unless you count, Don’t you back-talk to your mother. My Mom, on the other hand, not only set an example, she would verbalize her views of what constituted a good boy. I remember her telling me at some point, probably in my adolescence, that Life is for growing as a person. When you stop growing, you might as well be dead. She probably didn’t say exactly those words but the message was clear. Obviously, she wasn’t talking about growing up or about growing rich. She was talking about becoming a better person spiritually, socially and personally.

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Playing Favorites

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music notesWhat is your favorite song?  To a music lover, it is a nearly impossible question to answer.   Instrumental or vocal?  What genre?  Pop? Rock? Jazz? Should I include symphonies and concertos?   I have many favorites, some because they are part of the soundtrack of my life, reminding me of life’s best moments.    My wife Muri and I have considered Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers our song since we met over 50 years ago.   Some were written before I was born and were likely etched in my musical memory by listening to my Mom play her music collection on the stereo in the living room.  Glenn Miller’s Moonlight Serenade always put me in a romantic mood, especially as performed by Carly Simon.   Sometimes it’s beautiful lyrics and sometimes its a perfect melody.  Acoustic Alchemy’s Lazeez is a favorite because of the virtuosity of the guitar playing.  Sometimes, I find a live performance on YouTube that brings a new arrival to my list of favorites.  A live performance by Lady Antebellum recently catapulted I Need You Now onto my must play list. Read the rest of this post »


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A few evenings ago, I was getting my steps in at the park, listening to The Best of James Taylor on my bluetooth ear buds. Twilight is my favorite time of day and I found myself in the best mood I’d been in for weeks … until I sat down to rest and found myself crying. For some months now, that’s how it’s been. Life has been Bittersweet, that odd mix of joy and sorrow that manages to feel good and bad at the same time. Now I have some friends that tell me nothing is innately good or bad, that it’s my thinking that makes them positive or negative. Sorry friends … I don’t buy it. If something feels bad, it’s bad.

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Friend for a Year

Posted August 25, 2019 by oldereyes
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Almost a year ago, a big tuxedo cat sauntered out of his crate at the Yorba Linda – Cats in Need rescue as I was doing my weekly stint caring for the kitties. He strolled right up to me purring and climbed on my lap. The tag on his crate said his name was Claude, so named because one of his previous owners had declawed him. It was almost as if he knew I was looking for an adult cat to rescue. Claude was a double-rescue who’d been rescued then returned by his supposed forever family. I liked him, a lot, but I’d been looking foe a glamour-cat like a Siamese or Himalayan. The next week he greeted me the same way and I made a mental note that if he was still at the rescue one more week, I’d bring him home. He was and I did. Read the rest of this post »

Drive Cycle Hell

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smogHaving moved to Southern California in 1971 when summer brought smog days that left the air a sickly brown and people wheezing from breathing pollution, I appreciate the improvements that have been made in reducing polluters. And I know that one of the factors in being able to breathe easier are the reduction in vehicle emissions and the Smog Check Program that tests vehicles periodically to make sure emissions are still low. Yes, it is a small pain in the neck to take my car to a smog check station before it can be registered, but its a small price to pay. Except when its a big price to pay. Read the rest of this post »

The Forty Year Old …

Posted June 20, 2019 by oldereyes
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… In My Head

cropped fortyI have written before about this guy, the forty year old that lives (rent free, by the way) in my head.   I assume he arrived with my fortieth birthday, decided he liked the place and stayed.  He is my Portrait of Dorian Gray … he doesn’t age, nor does he let any older guys move in.   Like most forty year olds, he is a confident fellow, truthfully, a little arrogant.   He is, after all, forty.   I don’t think I noticed him until I was in my fifties and I was starting to feel my age a bit.   As I’d approached a task that would have been a snap at forty but seemed a bit of a reach at fifty, I’d hear him:  C’mon, you can do it.  You’re still young.  Most times he was right but as I got older, he had to yell louder, maybe even tweak my adrenals to give me a spike of adrenaline.  By the time I was sixty-five, he’d given up on persuasion and resorted to hijacking the controls of this old brain.   So, off I’d charge like a forty-year old in a sixty-five year old body. Read the rest of this post »