Poster’s Block

When I started this blog back in March, I committed to posting at least twice a week.   Looking at my archives, you’ll see that I posted five times in March and eight in April.   But with May has come a return of poster’s block and it’s driving me crazy.    I have a note pad full of topics that I was sure would just flow from my brain to my keyboard.  I have several drafts that have been hanging around on my WordPress Dashboard forever.    You’d think there were millions of readers out there hanging on my every word the way I’m worrying every post.

My inspiration for taking the plunge into blogging was my friend’s blog, Handbook for Men, listed in my Blogroll.    I don’t think he’d mind my saying that it’s a fairly serious blog, offering opinions on being a man in an increasingly feminized world.   I intended Older Eyes to be somewhat lighter, promising on my Home Page to show you my Sage, Curmudgeon and Fool.   But I’ve been writing as if every post has to be a revelation about aging.

Tracking down blogs that show up in WordPress’ Possibly Related Posts has so far seemed to be an iffy proposition but it did lead me to Terri Terri Quite Contrary, a WordPress blog I’ve added to my blogroll.    Terri seems to post nearly every day, frequently about day-to-day events … things like her daughter’s birthday or what’s happening at work …yet finds a way to make meaningful observations about life in the process.   Her writing is easy (at least it feels easy … I hope it’s not quite as easy as it feels) and elegant.    So, these Older Eyes are going to try to follow the lead of  Terri’s Younger Eyes and spend more time wrapping my observations about being older around the simple act of living.    Somewhere between Handbook for Men and Terri Terri Quite Contrary, there’s the Older Eyes I’m looking for.

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One Comment on “Poster’s Block”

  1. territerri Says:

    I’m so glad you found your way to my blog. I can see I’ll very much enjoy visiting here and plan to return often.

    As far as struggling with what to write, it happens to all of us. I’ve found it gets easier when I just write for me, and try not to write as if I need to entertain or draw others in.

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