Monday Smiles – 10/19

Yesterday morning, I slept in until 8:30 which is fairly unusual for me.   I’m a morning person but having the grandkids here all week wore me out (no matter how much I love them … or maybe because of how much) so I guess I needed to catch up.    I’d decided overnight to go on the South Beach diet (again!) so I made myself an omelet and headed for the park.    I listened to the recap of Saturday’s USC-ND game on the Trojan Brunch radio show (USC 27, ND 20 – Fight On), then started my Morning Pages.   Partway through my wife rolled up to walk.  Most people would probably think it peculiar that we’re at the park at the same time in two cars – we should coordinate, you know, conservation and all that – but this is more important, balancing our time apart and our time together.    By the time I finished my two morning meditation books, Journey to the Heart and 365 113px-567px-Alpenveilchen_Cyclamen_1Prescriptions for the Soul and wrote my Gratitude List, she was back in her car cooling off.    I pulled up next to her, asked if she wanted lunch from Quizno’s (she didn’t), then headed to Home Depot to buy some flowers to restock the pots in the yard … color-paks of violas and sweet alysum, as well as three cyclamen, my winter favorites.

I watched a little football, the Saints versus the Giants, while I ate lunch, then headed for the back yard.    After replanting the garden bowls, I cleaned the stainless steel barbecue and the counter area.   There are many rewards for having always-full bird feeders but cleaning up from continual overflights isn’t one of them.   I refilled the feeders anyway and cleaned the birdbath.   They’re messy guests but I love them anyway, sort of like grandkids.    I cleaned the glass patio tables, swept the patio and repaired a broken sprinkler head, then moved our old TV to the garage.  The plan is to put and Exercycle out there in front of it to support the South Beach diet.  We’ll see if that happens.   That left time for a little more football and a shower before dinner, plus a glance through the window to see how nice the yard looked.   For dinner, we went to our favorite fish restaurant, the Original Fish Company in Los Alamitos.    I had a lobster tail and my wife had halibut almondine, both excellent.  Excellent company, too.   Now, I’m sitting in my easy chair, writing, and my wife is upstairs, watching her Sunday night shows.  Pretty ordinary day.

I used to hate Sundays.  Saturday night was date night and Monday morning was back to work and there was this empty time in between.    My wife and I like to have plans and Sunday never seemed to have any.    My wife was a do-your-chores-first person and I put them off until the afternoon.    My wife is an indoor chore person and I like the outdoors tasks.   I like to write on Sunday nights and my wife likes to watch  TV.  We spent the day in different orbits and ended up exhausted by evening having spent no time together.   Somewhere between fifty-something and sixty-something we began to set aside a few hours of time every Sunday to do something together, whether it was running errands, sitting in the park or going out to dinner.    Having a time when we know our orbits will cross makes all the difference in our Sundays – we appreciate our alone time and enjoy our time together more because of it.   Ordinary days become special and Sundays become Monday Smiles.

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