Home Sweet Home

Living in Southern California is like having a beautiful girlfriend with a great personality who is afflicted with acute halitosis, bromhidrosis, and osmidrosis … she’s great to look at, fun to be around but in some ways, she just stinks.   So let’s get the stinky parts out of the way … it’s crowded, governed by idiot-politicians who’ve driven the state into the ground financially while making it business unfriendly, and the cost of living is high.   We’re prone to a cycle of droughts, fires, and mudslides which keeps our local media in a continual state of the-sky-is-falling.    We also have earthquakes.  Other than that, it’s great.   I mean it.

It’s Top Sites Tuesday #47 and the topic is What do you like most about where you live? The answer for me is the climate.   Now I know, there are a lot of you out there who will say, I like to have seasons.   But California has seasons … there are trees with leaves that turn, chilly winter evenings that merit a light sweater, and flowers that bloom in the spring … we’re just not so extreme about it.    Usually, our mild winters remind me of autumn in New England, which was always my favorite season, and it’s nice to be able to do outdoor activities all year ’round.     In my running days, I took great pleasure in talking to my running brother-in-law, Norm, in December and January.    He’d be talking about icicles in his mustache and I’d be running with no shirt.    And it’s not as if we can’t have more extreme seasons if we want them.    One of my childhood memories is going to pick apples in Connecticut in the autumn.    Here in SoCal, I can drive to Oak Glen, aka Apple County, in the fall and do the same thing with my grandkids.    An hour and a half drive is a small price to pay for no snow two months later.    If I should want freezing temperatures and snow, places like Big Bear Lake and Lake Arrowhead can provide them two hours away.   And in the summer?  Well, we have nearly endless beaches with some of the best waves in the world!  So what’s a little halitosis, Dude?

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8 Comments on “Home Sweet Home”

  1. Pete's Quiz Says:

    Nowhere’s perfect (not even Birmingha!), but it looks like you’ve got more plusses than minuses! I’d love to visit California as it seems that you have a bit of everything – I always find it difficult to comprehend that you live in a state that is larger than the whole of the UK!

    Here’s your click.


  2. AngelBaby Says:

    I know what you mean, I live in southeren California too and I love it. There is no place better for the weather. We have it all snow, sunshine, rain and wind. You just need to know where to go.

    Here’s your click …….

    Love and Blessings,

  3. Liggy Says:

    Your descriptions just cracked me up…I love this post. I “tried” to live in southern California back in 1986 but decided that it just wasn’t for me. I love city life but the day to day living was just too fast for me there. Anyway, glad to read your viewpoint on life there and glad you like it! 🙂

  4. Wolfbernz Says:

    I grew up in Southern California and I liked it there.
    Like you said it has it good points and it bad but there are the best waves in the world… Totally dude!
    I do miss the surf there 🙂

    I clicked your button!

  5. Cordy Says:

    To answer you question, Yes 😉

    I hope to Visit Southern California one day, sounds nice!


  6. Trina Says:

    I visited Southern California a few years back – you are right it’s way overcrowded, but the area is beautiful! What a diverse landscape and climate!

    Clicks for you!

  7. oscarstavern Says:

    I ws just talking about that the other day. I do business in SoCal sometimes ( Lake Forest, San Diego)and it IS nice to Visit!

    But not sure i could live there!

  8. Cassie Says:

    Sounds wonderful! I do hate winter at times. I lived further south in Kansas almost at the Oklahoma border for a few years and it was nicer to have a warmer winter there and spend more time outdoors. Now it seems in winter I am only outdoors for farm chores and not so much for just the enjoyment of being outdoors. Now in summer I am almost outside non-stop because I want to be outside.

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