Monday Smiles – 8/16/2010

The smiles this Monday come courtesy of my son’s Burmese cat, Elvis.  My son named her Elvis, after his favorite singer, before turning her over to check out her equipment … and by the time he did, the name had stuck.   After dinner tonight, I settled into my recliner to relax before diving into the blogosphere, searching through the Tivo guide page for something mindless to watch on TV (I suppose that’s redundant).  Found nothing.   On the third pass, my son spotted the Oklahoma City Dog Show and said, Put that on.  In spite of the fact that he didn’t say please … and that dogs fall even farther down on my list of things to watch on TV than Steve Carrell, I obliged.   We watched several types of Beaglesque terriers bounding around the floor with their owners bounding heavily behind in rumpled suits, then noticed that Elvis had settled on the coffee table and was watching the TV screen intently.   Fortunately, I had my camera nearby and got this picture.

Elvis Admiring the Terriers on TV

Elvis was part of a litter abandoned in an apartment and was rescued by my son.  About a year old, she is continually into trouble.  Her bad habits include eating cellophane and packaging tape … one instance of which led to a trip to the vet … and biting the cords on AC adapters for things like cellphones and computers.  So far, she’s been smart enough … or lucky enough … to only chew the low voltage side of the converter, so she hasn’t fried her brain yet.  But here’s the funny part … she only bites them when they’re plugged in because she likes the little zap-zap-zap noises the wires  make when she bites through them.  Honest.  I’ve watched her do it.  The crackling noise of cellophane also seems to be the attraction.   She chews on plants … real and artificial … and bounds onto the table at dinner time looking for a taste of whatever we’re having … that is, unless Savy’s high chair is available.   Her good habits consist of … well, being beautiful and photogenic … a cat super-model, as my son says.  Here are a few more photos from her modeling portfolio.  Enjoy … and keep smiling.

Elvis in My Grandaughter’s High Chair

Modeling in the Statuary (Actually, the Living Room)

Sleeping in the Mail Basket

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One Comment on “Monday Smiles – 8/16/2010”

  1. territerri Says:

    She IS quite a beauty and I laughed out loud at the sight of Elvis watching television. I love cats. They have such personality.

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