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For three hours late last night I sat at my desk, trying to come up with a post for Top Sites Tuesday Number 73 – Two Thoughts on Tuesday. Oh, I had plenty of thoughts … my hyperactive brain turns them out by the hundreds but not every thought makes a good post.   OK, some days I can turn any thought into a post but last night wasn’t one of those days.  I even wrote a post on appearances motivated by two events: my daughter getting braces … again, at 36 … and me shaving off my facial hair.   You’d probably guess, it was a snoozer.  So, at 11:30, I limped into bed (not from blogging … I’ve been exercising, trying to get in shape again) and vowed to try again in the morning.  Before I dozed off, I thought about my day … and in particular, how I’d spent the afternoon.  And they were … the illusive postable Two Thoughts.

For over a year, I’ve been mirroring Older Eyes on my own domain,, with the notion that at some point I’ll want to move there.  Periodically, I wander over, import a new XML file from to bring it up to date, then play with a few themes.  Here on I use Sapphire by Michael Martine which is a nice, basic WordPress theme without a ton of options.  But I love the way it looks … it’s a little dark, like I am.  But I noticed that when I updated to WordPress 3.01, the new WordPress theme, Twenty-Ten, came with the upgrade.  I previewed it with Older Eyes and looked at the customization available and it was all very nice except I wanted to modify the main body background color … without modifying CSS.  A little web searching revealed that Twenty-Ten has a younger sister named Twenty-Ten Weaver that will let you modify almost anything.   Oh, my, I’ve got Theme Envy and I’ve got it bad.  And Twenty-Ten Weaver is not available on

So, Thought Number One is this: Is it finally time to move?   I think Older Eyes looks great in Twenty-Ten Weaver and I haven’t even finished customizing (you can see it here or just look at the screen capture).  It will take a while to get used to the differences between posting using WordPress on my own site and the simplicity of, but some of those differences are advantages (virtually an infinite array of plug-ins and widgets).   There does seem to be a pesky little bug with respect to sizing of pictures.   I can market or sell things on my own site … maybe there’s a chance for Older Eyes T-shirts … candy bars … toilet brushes? shows up very high on the search page if you Google Older Eyes, not that it’s brought me any traffic.  People just don’t go around searching for Older Eyes … you either have them or don’t want them.  I’ve even learned how to forward all of my traffic to my new site if I pay WordPress ten bucks a year.  But do I want to move just to have a prettier blog?  Do I have Theme Vanity in addition to Theme Envy?

But then there’s inertia … and this is Thought Number Two … it’s so much easier to stay where I am. I get the benefits of the wordpress categories and tags pages to send me traffic, not that they send me much … with 320,272 new posts a day, I’m unlikely to make it up to Freshly Pressed, where the real traffic waits.  And I can always settle for big sister … Older Eyes looks pretty good in Twenty-Ten, too.   So, here I sit, wondering what to do.  If you’ve got any thoughts … or experience, even … on the subject, I’d love to hear them.  Yes, I know the Geekiness Quotient was unusually high for this post.  Try to overlook that and push my button … gently … to make me Number One on Top Sites Tuesday #73.

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10 Comments on “Theme Envy”

  1. territerri Says:

    I can relate. My current theme and even the title of my blog were supposed to be temporary until that “aha!” moment happened along. But I’m in the inertia camp myself at the moment. It’s too easy to just leave well enough alone.

  2. Liggy Says:

    I tried WordPress when I thought I completely messed up my Blogger page. But I had a lot of trouble using it. There are a lot of WordPress features I like that are not available on Blogger, though.

    But I’m glad you could join us this week! I like reading what you have to say! 🙂

  3. Wolfbernz Says:

    Hi Bud!

    I like using WordPress on my own site because it gives me the freedom to do everything I want to do. I also use a wordpress platform for people who create blogs on and allow them to pretty much do what they want to with their sites including advertising and promoting their own products, e books, etc… (I do draw the line at nasty stuff)

    I know sometime it’s hard to leave well-enough alone and you want to move on and make changes but then again Changes can be good 🙂

    I think an Older Eyes t-shirt would be cool!

    Clicks for you!

  4. Actually, the Older Eyes site I love…eyes being the windows to the soul and, like Wolf…t-shirt would be cool. Clicks, Bud.

  5. Pete's Quiz Says:

    I can’t claim to have understood most of your post – I don’t really understand how all of this website/internet malarkey works – but I do understand the “grass is greener” principle! I don’t quite agree with Wolfbernz; my view is that change is only good if you benefit from it! (Although that benefit might not be immediately apparent – which might have been Wolf’s point!)

    I use Blogger and it took me a while to get it how I like it. I’ve got used to how Blogger works so will keep with it till they change it – does that make me a boring ‘old fart’?

    Here’s your click,

    PS I’d have one of your T-shirts – could be quite intimidating in XXL!!

  6. AngelBaby Says:

    Well, I am in the same boat, I would like to change my theme but I really like the way it looks. Having the theme that would acept comments on every page would be nice to have. I just don’t know if I want to make the change.

    Here’s your click ……

    Love and blessings,

  7. undividing Says:

    Personally, I like your wordpress theme as it is – it’s clean, simple, classic. But you gotta go with what you enjoy “writing” on.

    What kind of candy bars are we talking? I’m totally in.

  8. granny1947 Says:

    Hello Bud…sigh…also don’t understand most of that and I read it twice!!!
    I love that you are on WordPress as it is easy for me to visit you.
    Is that enough reason to stay??????

  9. Oscar Says:

    I am thinking of changing everything – I had Oscars Tavern, that was my test blog. CS is my life blog – Looking to come up with something real creative soon.

    But then again, the whole body of blogging are the words you write.

    Keep up the good work!

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