Them’s the Breaks

Here it is, Top Sites Tuesday  #81.   This weeks theme is Two Thoughts on Tuesday and I have to tell you, this week, I’m going ot have trouble getting beyond Thought Number One.   My daughter and her family were scheduled to arrive Wednesday around dinner time for our trip to Disneyland on Thursday.   Older Eyes is ready for a grandkid fix and what better place to get it than Disneyland?   So, right after dinner, I’m waiting for the Jets-Vikings game to start and my daughter calls.   Over the pregame babble on the television, I hear my wife say, Oh my God! Now, my grandkids are frequently full of mischief so I wasn’t all that concerned until my wife mouthed, They’re not coming in my direction.

Now, it turns out that my oldest grandson, Reed, was playing Wii and refused to share with his younger brother, Maddux.   Maddux took issue with that and chucked Savannah’s toy phone in his brother’s direction.   Now, even though he’s only three, Maddux has quite an arm.   I wouldn’t be surprised if someday his Dad is cheering him on as he tosses a touchdown pass or hurls a no-hitter for BYU.   But this particular throw struck squarely in the middle of his Daddy’s brand new large screen TV, cracking the screen and rendering it inoperable.   Daddy was not cheering.   Daddy was furious.   Disneyland is not for boys who don’t share and especially not for boys who break expensive electrical appliances.   If you search the web, you’ll discover that large screen TVs are frequently damaged by thrown toys (which is little solace to my son-in-law) and that replacing the screen costs as much as buying a new TV (no solace at all).   You’ll also find that you can buy a protective screen to shield even the largest screen from thrown objects for under $200 (this is often known as perfect hindsight).

See what I mean?  How do I follow that?   With a question: did you ever break something special belonging to your parents when you were a child? When I was about fourteen, I wanted to go play at a friend’s house but my mother said, No.   As I stomped into my bedroom to sulk, my mother’s favorite dress was hanging in her doorway and without thinking, I grabbed it and pulled … tearing an applique from the bodice.   Immediately anger was replaced by fear.   I ran from the house and hid in the woods for over an hour, afraid to go home.   The funny thing is that I don’t ever remember being punished.   My grandkids weren’t so lucky.  The Wii is history, as is a favorite blanket.  When my daughter put Reed to bed, he observed, It hasn’t been a good night, Mommy.  Indeed.   But their punishment does not include missing out on Disneyland.  Thank you son-in-law … you earned many points.

If you want to earn many points, please push my button … gently, so as not to break it … and make me number one on Top Sites Tuesday Number 81.  And I’d love to hear one of your childhood crimes in my comments.

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8 Comments on “Them’s the Breaks”

  1. AY Says:

    Having three boys, I’ve had a fair number of things thrown around, but thank god none had landed on the tv screen thus far. The best punishment or rather the one that hurts most is to take away the stuff that they enjoy most and so yes, Wii, PS2 and PSP, the handphone and computer time would rank among them. Personally, I can’t remember any childhood crimes I’ve been punished for…I’ve been an angel!

    Enjoyed your post. Here’s your click!

  2. Wolfbernz Says:

    Hi Bud!

    My sympathies to the Big Screen TV. Who would have thought that a screen protector would be so inexpensive- in fact, I didn’t know they even existed LOL

    Clicks for you!

    PS: I swear it was my sister that put the ping-pong ball in the central vacuum system that got stuck. It couldn’t have been me 😉

  3. Trina Says:

    I heard that the new TV’s are easy to break, but I didn’t think a 3 year old could do it. Then again last week we had to replace a window that a 2 year old threw a sippy cup at (We call him Hulk now LOL)


  4. Liggy Says:

    That reminded me about my friend’s TV screen getting scratched up by her sister-in-law’s toddler. Oh my gosh! My friend’s husband was so upset because they had really saved up for that TV.

    I think that as a child I also did mess up some precious items that belonged to my parents but I can’t really remember them now. I think we all pretty much went through the same things ourselves whether we can remember them or not. Just a part of growing up and finding out (the hard way) the value of personal belongings.

    Clicks to you, Bud!

    • oldereyes Says:

      Well, I never broke anything as expensive as a TV …at least at home. Out in the wood with the neighborhood kids, well, that was another story. I guess I was a very mischievous kid.

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