Friday Favorites 11/19/2010

It’s no secret around here that I’m not a fan of television.  My weekly ration generally consists of some sports and an occasional old movie.   It wasn’t always that way.  My wife and I used to have shows we watched together every week, shows like Mash and Taxi and Hill Street Blues.  But something’s changed and, as with most things, I’m sure part of what has changed is me.   You might say by watching almost nothing, I don’t give the new shows a chance but you’d be wrong.  My wife is my diametric opposite when it comes to TV … she enjoys TV and even likes to have it on when she’s reading.   This gives me adequate opportunity to sample the current fare when I wander into the bedroom (her wife cave at night) … there’s just nothing much to which I want to dedicate an hour.

But for Friday Favorites, I thought I’d post the funniest TV show episode I’ve ever seen.   No surprise, that wasn’t last week or even last decade … it was originally aired on March 18, 1982.   Taxi was ABC’s weekly comedy about a misfit band of taxi drivers working for the lecherous Louie DePalma (Danny DeVito) at the Sunshine Cab Company in New York City.   Both the cast and the assortment of characters (all working as cabbies while striving … usually unsuccessfully … for something more) were excellent.

In episode 86, Elegant Iggy, aspiring art dealer, Elaine Nardo (Marilu Henner) is invited to an Itzak Perlman concert by burned-out hippie, Reverand Jim (Christopher Lloyd).  At the concert, they are invited to a high-society party the next evening that Elaine is sure will be her ticket to success … but she’s afraid that bringing Jim with her will ruin the evening.  Jim is broken-hearted when she tries to talk him out of going so she risks all and brings him along.   Though Jim’s eccentric behavior seems sure to embarrass Elaine, he gradually wins everyone over, especially when the entertainment doesn’t show up and much to Elaine’s chagrin, he offers to substitute.   After doing an imitation of a water cooler with a Perrier bottle and playing a child-like version of chopsticks on the piano, he launches into a beautiful rendition of a Chopin sonata.  Elaine’s evening is saved.   In the funniest of the many funny lines in the show, he pauses mid-measure with a puzzled look, and says, I must have taken piano lessons somewhere, before plunging back into the performance.

If you need a good laugh you can watch Elegant Iggy in two parts on YouTube, below.

What are your favorites?

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9 Comments on “Friday Favorites 11/19/2010”

  1. territerri Says:

    I used to watch Taxi now and then, but I think I was in my early teens and didn’t really appreciate it as much as you did. And I definitely didn’t appreciate Christopher Lloyd the way I do now. I may have to watch that episode.

    I’m also not much of a t.v. watcher, though the televisions are always on in our home. (The rest of the family are t.v. addicts.) Middle son loves NCIS and I’ll watch that if it’s on. Daughter likes the reality shows on TLC – 19 Kids and Counting, Little People/Big World, Cake Boss. I don’t mind those. What I really hate are the MTV shows she watches too.

    As for my favorites from years past, M*A*S*H definitely ranks at the top and I’ll watch it whenever I can find an episode. I also thought the Cosby Show was genius in its day. And if we were to go way, way back… as a kid I loved Emergency and Adam 12.

    • oldereyes Says:

      You really don’t have to keep reminding me how young you are (only kidding). I’m with you on Mash and the Cosby show had some great episodes. Do you remember the one where the family lip synched a Ray Charles song with the little girl doing the female lead. If you don’t I’ll try to track it down … it hilarious.

  2. granny1947 Says:

    Good Morning Bud….like you I am not a TV fan.
    I will watch the odd comedy and the news.
    Mex has the tv on all the time….think it is his security blanket..the moment he goes to bed it goes off and I revel in the silence…guess I have too much noise going on at work.
    I remember enjoying Taxi…am going to watch this episode right now.
    Oh wait…I DO have a show I love…Gilmore Girls!

  3. Mash used to be one of my FAVORITE shows ever! Taxi was close second. My father does an awesome impersonation of Christopher Lloyd!

  4. sharon Says:

    I loved Taxi and I had not seen this episode, What a treat! When Shane goes out of town the TV does not come on at all unless for a movie. I would much rather read than watch drivel.

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