A Little Travellin’ Music

Back in the sixties, when variety shows and sitcoms ruled, Jackie Gleason was a star and his American Scene Magazine was must-see TV.  The show was a combination of comedy skits, musical and dance numbers and sight gags.  The show featured a cast of characters like Joe the Bartender, Crazy Guggenheim, and the Poor Sole.  The show also featured many new comedians, including Rodney Dangerfield.  At the end of the show, Gleason would say, A little travellin’ music, Mr. Spears, then shuffle off the stage to the theme written especially for his exit.  Apparently the Gleason clips are closely guarded property, because I wasn’t able to find a YouTube video, so you’ll have to imagine the scene from the photo.

So, it’s Top Sites Tuesday #95 Eve and a traveling day for Mr. and Mrs. Eyes from San Tan Valley, AZ to Anaheim Hills, CA.  And in keeping with the Two Thoughts on Tuesday theme, I’m thinking I’ll miss being in Arizona and I’m ready to be home.  This trip seemed to be a whirlwind without much time to relax in our Little House in the Desert.   We helped our daughter celebrate her thirty-second birthday (how can my Little Girl be thirty-two?), played with the grandkids, and went out for dinner with our neighbors, John and Carolyn.   We had one date, dinner and a movie but not enough us time.   And now we’re leaving.  I miss my grandkids even before we’re gone.

How-some-ever.  We’re headed back to California where the weather is cooler and there are no desert plants to give me a rash on my arm.   My routine (more and more important as the years pass), my park, and my bed await (It’s funny … my wife sleeps better in our Arizona bed but I sleep better in California).   Tuesday morning, I’m off to the dentist to have a bridge put in, not a pleasant experience but I’m anxious to have it in place, even if it’s Just a Tooth.  It’s tax week but I’m anxious to be done with that, too.   And we really love our Big House in the Hills (it’s only big compared to our desert house), where our time is (mostly) ours.  And I can get back to being a better blog reader, too.  See you soon.

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14 Comments on “A Little Travellin’ Music”

  1. this blog post made me want to go watch re-runs of ‘The Honeymooners’!

  2. AngelBaby Says:

    Jackie Gleason also said “and Away we go” as he left the stage. I remember that show and would love to see it again.

    Here’s your click ………….

    Love and Blessings,

  3. Cheryl P. Says:

    I love thinking back to the old shows. TV was so much easier then. Three channels instead of 450.

    Great post. Here’s your click

    Safe travels

  4. sharon Says:

    I gave you a click, better yet you’re on your way back. I remember the Honeymooners vaguely, the Dick Van Dyke show and Mary Tyler Moore was more my style.

  5. Wolfbernz Says:

    Hi Bud,

    I remember the Jackie Gleson show from when I was a kid and my parents watched it. I remember it being a great show that we all enjoyed as a family.

    Safe travels and clicks for you,

  6. Trina Says:

    Yeah, I don’t remember the Jackie Gleason show, but I do remember the Honeymooners reruns – so funny!

    It’s so nice to read about your travels and the time you get to spend both with and away from your family. I really do enjoy reading a blog where family values and love are so present!


  7. Liggy Says:

    I think my parents also kinda wondered the same thing about us as you commented about your “Little Girl” becoming 32. Where does the time go?! lol…

    Have a wonderful week, Bud!

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