Due Pensieri il Martedì

Monday morning, on my way to meet a friend at Starbucks, I found myself behind a huge white SUV at local traffic light.  Neatly arranged on the rear window was a family of skull decals,  the Mom and little girl with pretty pink ribbons affixed to their heads (glue?).   These things strike me as very creepy, especially the children portrayed as little dead people.   My daughter, Miss Fashion Conscious, has been dressing her kids in cute little skull patterns for some time, as well as bigger skulls for herself and her husband.  The kids look cute until I get up close enough to notice they’re sporting death-paisley, my daughter looks very fashionable and her husband looks … well, let’s let that go.   So, What is it with the skulls?   I assumed the phenomenon was related to the amazing popularity of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  How is it possible that there have been four movies based on a  single Disneyland ride (and featuring a very grubby, slightly effeminate pirate?).  But I found an article on WordArc by Hogan entitled I See Dead People that suggests that the proliferation of skulls might be a statement about violence in our society.  In the end, though, Hogan concludes that it’s mindless adherence to fashion.   A response by ludaluda says that The skull and bone imagery is straight up from satanism & witchcraft.  By wearing these, subconsciously we create death, plain and simple.  Yikes!  I’m inclined to agree with Hogan.   But it’s still creepy.  What do you think?

Monday was the last day of Passover, seven days during which Jews eat no grain products but matzo.  In Judaism, the days run from sunset to sunset, so by dinner time we could eat whatever we wanted again … and it wasn’t matzo.   Traditionally, Muri and I go out to a restaurant we’ve had to avoid all week, say Italian or Mexican.  This time we chose Italian (hence the post title) … Macaroni Grill … Muri had shrimp portafino over pasta and I had lasagna, accompanied by Macaroni Grill’s signature rosemary bread.   Macaroni Grill uses white butcher paper instead of tablecloths and leaves several crayons beside the salt and pepper shakers.   Part of the waiter’s schtick is to write his name upside down so it’s facing us as he says, I’m Luigi and I’ll be taking care of you.  His name was actually Steve … this is Southern California, after all.   The crayons also amuse any children at the table and the occasional easily-amused sixty-six year old.   This is tonight’s tabletop masterpiece.

The plan was to take the drawing home to send to my grandkids, but the waiter insisted that I sign it for him in lieu of tip.  I wonder … can anyone guess what this drawing has to do with Passover?  I’ll post the answer Wednesday as a comment … the prize for getting the correct answer is a free subscription to Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog.   But don’t worry, if you don’t get it, the consolation prize is … yes, a free subscription to Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog.  Just click on the Sign Me Up button in the sidebar.

So, you’ve probably guessed by now that it’s Top Sites Tuesday #100 and I’m thinking of skull-fashion and the end of Passover.   Why?   Because when I need Two Thoughts on Tuesday everything I see is a candidate and eventually it’s time to write.  That’s the fun of it.   So, if you enjoyed this little ramble, please push my button … gently … to make me Number One on Top Sites Tuesday #100.   And check back tomorrow to see if you’re a winner!  La ringrazio molto, i miei amici

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14 Comments on “Due Pensieri il Martedì”

  1. sharon Says:

    I’m with you, I think the skull thing is creepy. A friend of mine had a baby and dressed him in skull attire, it was weird. Everyone thinks its cool except me, that’s how you know you’re getting old.

  2. granny1947 Says:

    Nope…this time you have me…no idea what the frog has to do with passover!

  3. I think the skull thing is VERY creepy too. Happy belated Passover. I was never so happy to eat REAL FOOD again!

  4. Wolfbernz Says:

    I am not sure about the frog but he looks hungry… Did he let the fish go by? Or Like, hop on over to the Italian place since we can eat what we want!
    The skull thing was super popular when we went to Disney World but I was opposed to it, I too find it creepy. I hope it’s just a fad and it wears out soon.


  5. territerri Says:

    Frogs? Plagues? Maybe? I’m not sure. I’m Catholic. We’re not required to actually read the Bible, but the first thing that popped into my head was plagues, so I must have heard the story at some point in my religious eduction. I’ll go with Plagues for $1000, Alex!

    Oh yeah… almost forgot. Button pushed.

  6. Trina Says:

    I like the skull and crossbones cutsey stuff… it’s gothic with a hint of fun. LOL Noting to do with satanism or death, just plain old fun.

    Hmmmm…. gonna have to Google the connection between frogs and passover… better yet, I’ll come back tomorrow to read the answer.

    Happy Tuesday,

  7. Cheryl P. Says:

    I don’t really understand the popularity of the skulls but as cartoonish as it all is, I am not creeped out by it. Pink bows greatly diminish the “morbid” feel of skeletons.
    I, too, will have to check back to see the Passover connection to the picture. With the frog thinking about his favorite meal and the fish eating psudo matzo, is must have something to do with eating. I don’t remember insects as one of the six items on the Seder plate. I could be wrong though as I am United Methodist.

  8. oldereyes Says:

    So, there are actually three connections to Passover in the drawing. Terri got one of them. G-d sent ten plagues to convince Pharaoh to let the Jews leave Egypt … two of them were frogs and flies (what the frog is thinking about in the drawing). The other connection is the Jewish fish (wearing a little black Yarmulke or skull cap) is about to have a bite of Macaroni Grill’s delicious rosemary bread as Passover ends.

    • oldereyes Says:

      So, who knew that the post title was Two Thoughts on Tuesday in Italian, thanks to Google Translator?

      • territerri Says:

        Not me! I believed you when you said it meant “Macaroni Grill”. 🙂

      • oldereyes Says:

        Oh, I see how you could have misread that sentence … it was meant to say it was in Italian not to say it meant Macaroni Grill. Have you tried Google Translate? It’s amazing. Two thoughts on Tuesday in Hebrew is צוויי געדאנקען אויף דינסטיק

  9. Wolfbernz Says:

    Hi Bud

    I use Google Translate, I like it!
    Now we know what the drawing is too.


  10. Wolfbernz Says:

    Hi Bud

    I use Google Translate, I like it!
    Now we know what the drawing is too.

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