Older Bodies

My sixties have brought not only Older Eyes, but an Older Body.   Older Bodies ache more, break more easily and take longer to heal.   They require more care and more maintenance.  Routine medical tests that were once required every ten years are recommended every three years, more frequently if family history or existing conditions dictate.  And with each passing year, the routine tests seem less routine.  Wednesday morning at 8:00 am, I’m scheduled for a routine colonoscopy, as if anything regarding a miniature garden hose and a human body can be called routine.  Today is my prep day, liquids only starting at midnight and several industrial sized doses of industrial strength laxatives in the afternoon and evening.

The prep day is actually worse that the colonoscopy itself because the procedure is done under a twilight anesthetic.   Wednesday morning, the nurse will insert an IV in my arm and shortly after the gastroenterologist makes his appearance, I’ll be lights out.   I’ll wake up in the car wondering, Where am I? … How did I get here? … and Who am I? … questions my wife will tire of answering.   Three and a half years ago after the same procedure our route home carried us past a Dairy Queen.  Realizing I hadn’t eaten anything for over 24 hours, I asked, Can I have a Dairy Queen?   Muri had errands to run, so she said, No, we don’t have time.  I’ll get you something later.  Now, I don’t remember this but she swears that I whined and sulked like a six year old until she turned around and bought me one.   I do remember making love to a large vanilla cone.  I’ve already put in my request for one on Wednesday.

Older Bodies don’t just ache, break and take longer to heal …  they change shape, wrinkle, discolor and sag.   You can exercise regularly, eat carefully (organic anyone?  vegan?) and use supplements and creams until the cows come in … it will slow the process but when you look in the mirror, you’ll know.  You’ve got an Older Body.  And if your mirror doesn’t tell you, your grandkids will.   As we were getting ready to go swimming over the weekend, my two year old granddaughter, Savy, patted my stomach though my USC T-shirt, then lifted it up to take a look.  You have fat tummy, Papa, she said.  Yes, I do, I admitted.  There was no point in explaining that I was working on losing weight with WeightWatchers … she’d already moved on to something else.  Twenty minutes later, as I was lounging on the edge of the pool in my bathing suit, she pointed at my chest with wide-eyes and said, What’s that?   While tried to figure out where she was pointing, my wife said, You mean his belly-button?   Savy stepped closer.  Not his belly-button, she said.  That!   That was my left nipple, something she’d apparently never noticed on her father.   You mean his boobie, my wife said, trying to help.  Savy looked at my wife’s chest, then back at me.   Now, I have no idea why we insist on giving silly names to human body parts but I was not about to debate whether I had boobies with my granddaughter, especially when my once well-formed swimmer’s pectorals left some doubt.   You have them, too, I said.   I do not, she said indignantly, feeling the front of her T-shirt then lifting it up to show me while my wife giggled behind her.   There was going to be no convincing her.  Fortunately, Maddux squirted her with a water gun and she ran to my wife to complain, forgetting about my faux boobies.

So, it’s Tuesday.  Top Sites Tuesday #103 – Two Thoughts on Tuesday.   Here’s what I’m thinking:  Since having an Older Body is inevitable, we might as well accept what we’re given and make the best of it.   That means (1) taking care of ourselves, not just cosmetically but by having regular checkups for those maladies most likely to affect Older Bodies; and (2) learning to laugh about what’s happening to us all instead of worrying about trying to look younger.   Self-acceptance works wonders.   Whether you have a Younger Body or an Older Body, if you enjoyed this post, please push my button … gently … to make me Number One on Top Sites Tuesday #103.

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9 Comments on “Older Bodies”

  1. AngelBaby Says:

    Boy oh boy do I relate to this! My body has changed so much in the last few years and I don’t like the way it looks. I used to be a swimmer to and I never imagined looking like this. I am in great shape but I still have an older body. The women at work tell me that I give them hope, I don’t know about that. LOL!

    Here’s your click …………

    Love and Blessings,

  2. Cheryl P. Says:

    Those words like sag and discolor have depressed me Bud. I know you are right, that we need to look at the positives and take this in stride but I tend to be more the “not taking it well” type. I agree with AngelBaby, I am in great shape for the shape I’m in as the song goes but age has left it’s mark. The other saying of “time marches on but does it need to leave it’s tracks across my face?”is more in tune to how I think. I think I am off to rub some Hope in A Jar on my face.

    Here’s your click…

  3. I wrote a couple posts recently about having had a colonoscopy, an edocopy and a video-assisted endocopy. It was a lot of fun losing five lbs overnight, then gaining it back the next day.

  4. k8edid Says:

    Yeah, but the drugs are GREAT.

    Maybe premature graying has helped me accept the aging body (maybe not – sometimes I don’t even recognize myself). I love the person in the saggy, fluffy, and aging body (I’d have wrinkles but I have filled them out). I wouldn’t trade places with the tight-bodied mess I was back in the day.

  5. territerri Says:

    Mark just had his first colonoscopy and said the same thing… the prep was worse than the actual procedure. As far as the body going downhill… I think it starts with childbirth, and just gets worse after 40!

  6. Trina Says:

    Prep day… just sit close to a bathroom and drink a lot of fluid.

    Look at the bright side of the procedure, you’ll never know it happened and you don’t have to do it again for three years 😉

    Clicks (and good luck!)

  7. Wolfbernz Says:

    Hi Bud,

    I don’t envy you. The colonoscopy prep day is terrible. But, if you have a mind to it, you can totally freak out a nurse after the procedure by pretending to light your “gas” on fire when she comes in to check on you… we got a good laugh out of it when the nurse realized it was a joke!

    As far as older bodies go though, I’m in denial. I hurt thanks to arthritis not age and my wrinkle are because I’m just a little tired from working.

    Clicks for you!

  8. Oh brother! A colonoscopy (why is that being highlighted as being an incorrect spelling?) is one of those tests that I have been so blessed to have had SEVERAL of them over the past 8 years now. And the cramps and camping out in or very near to the bathroom really isn’t THAT bad but just the thought of ever having to drink magnesium citrate again is enough to send my stomach into flip-flops and it puts my gag reflex into overtime! ARRGH! Just thinking about drinking that crapola -well, let’s just not go there!
    But you are right about the test itself being a walk in the park and easy-peasy! Here’s wishing you well as you go for the twilight zone and everything tests out to be fine and dandy!

  9. Oscar Says:

    You had every right to have that Dairy Queen!!!!!! How dare she! LOL

    Been there. I joked with the nurse just before I was put under… I showered and shaved for the doctor, she said, wrong side.

    I’m kinda fit because I’m thin. Never been over 160 lbs. But I can truly relate to not being like it used to. I walk a lot. My grandkids point at my lil beer belly… I say it took me a long time to make that!

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