Monday Smiles – 7/18/2011

Today is the day that we will pack our bags, take one last fond look at the crystalline waters of Kaanapali Beach and drive off to Kahalui Airport for the trip back to the real world.   I will readily admit that our real world is one that many would love to have, in spite of its warts.  But this last week has been a simply splendid balance of vacation activities like snorkeling or fine dining and just plain relaxing in the most beautiful place on earth.   We have had some great vacations in wonderful places and fabulous accommodations, but Room 914 of the Mahana on Kaanapali Beach was like a home away from home, simply yet elegantly furnished for comfort.   If you ever find yourself headed to Maui, take a look at the Mahana and consider upgrading to a premium unit.

Beyond the accommodations, Muri and I were very much in sync this week, daily coming up with our own tentative plans, then finding they were the same when we compared mental notes.   For the most part, what we wanted to do was be together.   Just about the only times we were apart were when I went snorkeling or when she slept late in the morning.   Diets certainly went out the window for a week but we got to dine at some of the most romantic spots on Maui and everyplace we went, we were treated like a cute old couple, even in a place with a lot of old couples.  We could have been (really old) honeymooners.   I haven’t smiled so much in a very long time.

Kapalua Bay - Click for Full View

It is easy to forget the exquisite beauty of Maui because even the best photographs can’t really capture it …  when you return, it’s always a surprise, the flora and the blue waters and the warm trade winds.   And, of course, the sunsets.  I’ll miss it all but perhaps most, I’ll miss the sound of the surf outside our window as we fall asleep and waken or getting up to look out over the ocean.   Still, we carry this wonderful week in our hearts and we’ll stop to remember these best of days together when the real world tries to gobble up our happiness.

It’s Monday.  I’m smiling … but a little wistfully.

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5 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 7/18/2011”

  1. And your Monday Smiles made me smile, even if it was also a bit wistfully, as I know now that we won’t be getting any more lovely photos of Hawaii on a daily basis -until your next vacation trip there! Safe travels home, Bud and Muri!

  2. marjulo Says:

    I know about wistful and empathize with you completely. It has been a treat hearing about your wonderful vacation. We always enjoy being a “cute old couple,” too, since we can hardly be anything else. Have a great trip home!

  3. Cheryl P. Says:

    Your week did, indeed, look lovely. Thanks for sharing your love story. That is the most enviable thing in your posts this week. Hawaii is beautiful but nothing tops a relationship where a couple that has spent years together still want to spend time together. You and Muri are lucky to have that.

  4. Wow. What a FANTASTIC vacation! You and Muri are lucky to have each other!!

  5. Thanks for taking us with you. 🙂 It seems by your accounts to have been a perfect trip, and you are at a wonderful place in your life, which you’ve confirmed again and again. Well done, you!

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