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With my Inner Curmudgeon missing, I’m afraid I may have turned a bit whiny about comments here on Bud’s Blog.   In a comment to thesinglecell, I lamented that our posts on Amy Winehouse received only one comment each and then, in Missing Curmudgeon I actually wrote, I went back and reread my post, Creativity and Amy Winehouse … possibly the best post I’ve written in a fortnight … noting that I’d only gotten one comment … then complained about the one comment I did receive.  Yikes!  I need my curmudgeon back!

Anyway, as I posted on Tuesday, a message from WordPress popped up and congratulated me on my 565th post, referring me to the WordPress post, Getting More Views and Traffic.  Don’t get me started on views.   I was a regular view-counter until I discovered how many views were generated by bots, little computer programs that visit websites and blogs to promote who knows what.  Besides, I’ve done almost everything on WordPress’ list of suggestion except pay for visitors.  Yes, I know we all write for ourselves because it’s what we do … but we all like to be read and the two best indicators of being read are comments and subscriptions.   So, this week’s whining not withstanding, I appreciate my subscribers and regular commenters, who I’ll get to in a moment, after I mention my favorite geeky engineer blogging principle, the 90-9-1 Rule, which says 1% of those online will create internet content, 9% may edit or modify content, and 90% will view the content without contributing, that is, be lurkers.  So, if you believe this rule, the number of people reading your blog should be roughly ten times the number of comments you receive.

So, I’ve received 2,879 comments since Bud’s Blog was born … a fairly significant percentage of which are my own, since I try to respond to comments (except when I’m on vacation).  Interestingly, that’s almost exactly 1/10 of the total number of views.  Hmm … 90-9-1.  My first comment was from my friend Barry, way back when I posted Soul Music in 2009.   My most treasured comment was my second  from my sister-in-law, Sandy … I love thy blog…ye old Renaissance man!  Brought a few laughs, tears and lots of thoughts to mind. Love, S.  Sandy always seemed to get my need to write.  My brother-in-law, Norm is my favorite lurker by the way … although he doesn’t comment, he occasional sends me an emoticon by email in response to a post, usually a 🙂 or a 😕 .  Terri of These Are Days (formerly Into the Mystic formerly Terri Terri Quite Contrary) and been on board almost from the beginning and has been my most consistent commenter, followed closely by Meleah of Mea Culpa Momma Mia.   Most of my commenters are women (even my one canine commenter, Sandy, is a female Golden Retriever) … I don’t know whether that’s a reflection of the blogosphere as a whole or a reflection on what I write, but I appreciate my male commenters, Bob S. (who swears he’s going to start a blog someday), Oscar of Conditionally Satisfactory and Rick of In My Own Write.  The most curmudgeonly comment I’ve received comes from my brother, Glenn, on Dumb Guy Chic and Jeni of Down River Drivel owns the longest.   The shortest was from thesinglecellAwww 🙂 … which is totally out of character, since she usually leaves thought-provoking comments.  The crowd at BlogDumps has turned up like clockwork for Top Sites Tuesday.   I appreciate all comments received, in spite of my recent whining.  I also appreciate the 41 souls who are subscribers to Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog.

I’m noticing that this is starting to sound like an Awards speech or a farewell post.  Nope.  It’s just Writing Wednesday and I’m feeling grateful for readers.

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10 Comments on “Constant Comments”

  1. Judy Says:

    If it is any consolation, yours is only one of two non-food blogs I allow into my crowded email subscription space. A welcome break from all-things-food sometimes, yet I admit, not consistent. Always enjoy those posts I get to, keep fostering the writer in you.

  2. Cheryl P. Says:

    Congrats on the 565. I read that most bloggers last less than 6 months. (of course, who can believe everything they read) I do know that 565 posts is a lot of work. Way to go!!! Wishing you lots of future posts.

  3. Wolfbernz Says:

    Hi Bud

    I guess I will have to work on my Lurking 8) lol

    Glad to see you have been found!

    You have me wondering now how many posts I have written in five years. Have a great day.


  4. Margie Says:

    565 posts is pretty significant. Hope you find the groove that will carry you through the next 565 posts!

  5. territerri Says:

    Regardless of whether or not the comments reflect it, you write a blog that makes readers want to come back for more. And as I read through your comments, I’m always impressed with the amount of thought that goes into most of them. You make us think and make us want to join the conversation.

    And I have to agree with you, Jeni is the queen of the long comment! I LOVE getting comments from Jeni!

    I am still trying to get back on board the blog-wagon this summer. Life just feels like a whirlwind lately. But once things slow down, I hope to be one of your DAILY regulars again!

  6. I’ve had that rep for being a “long commenter” ever since I started blogging. Once in a while I do actually realize that I could have saved myself a whole hell of a lot of brain-dead posting days if I’d just taken those comments and turned them into a post! Oh well.
    But my comment here is to the mention of those bots. Since you at least seem to have some understanding of those things, how about doing a post in which you explain them -in plain English -then to those of us who know they exist but have no earthly idea what the hell they are there for anyway? Maybe that would help you find your missing curmudgeon.

  7. Rick Gleason Says:

    Congratulations on your 565 posts Bud! That’s a heck of a lot and says a lot about your tenancity and faithfulness to the cause.

    I don’t subscribe but follow through my Google reader, so I never miss a post.

  8. undividing Says:

    You know, I totally feel ya on this one – after I post something I’m always excited to see who’s going to comment and what their thoughts might be…that said, if I had a large reading audience I’d probably be much more hesitant to write, wanting everything to be PERFECT…it’s a balance I guess. At any rate, I appreciate your blog – it’s great to hear your perspective and hear about the things you’re thinking through!
    I also appreciate all of your thoughtful comments on my blog, you are a faithful commenter, and those are rare : )

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