The Best

A lot of people are fond of saying, Everything will turn out for The Best, particularly if someone is hurting or going through a bad time.  They may even pull out the longer version, Let go and let God and everything will turn out for The Best.  Doesn’t that suggest we control God?  I know, for the most part, people say this sort of thing to make us feel better, to give us some hope in a situation that may seem hopeless.  When things don’t seem to turn out for the best, they may add that, Often things that seem bad when they happen turn out to be blessings.  I’ve had those.  But there have also been times that I can see that, at least down here on the ground, there’s no freaking way things have turned out for The Best.   Yes, I am open to the possibility that at some cosmic level, things that seem bad to me fit in with God’s plan.  Being open doesn’t mean I understand why loved ones are taken from us in their prime or children are murdered by evil adults.  I’m inclined to see the former as simply a product of how nature works and the latter as the reflection of the free will of an evil person.  I don’t see God’s hand in either, but His fingerprints are all over both since He created the laws of nature and gave us free will.   I can relate to that because although I can’t force my kids to do anything as adults, my fingerprints are all over their decisions, good and bad.

If I Let go and let God so that things will turn out for The Best, I’m doing it for the wrong reason.   To me, that just another version of God as Santa Claus.  I’ve also been around long enough to know that if I do that I will sometimes be disappointed and I don’t like making excuses for God when I”m hurting.  I think I’m more comfortable with Let go and let God to make The Best of whatever turns out.  I absolutely believe that and I don’t have to understand a thing to do so.

What do you think?

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12 Comments on “The Best”

  1. territerri Says:

    The older I get the more I realize that very little in life is “the best.” I have to agree with you. All we can do is make the best of what we’ve been given.

    • oldereyes Says:

      I actually think I’ve had a fair share of “best” … if not “best of all,” at least best for me. Reading your blog, I think you have, too.

  2. oldereyes Says:

    Yes, for any early readers, I did misspell God as Gog in the first paragraph, since corrected Is any one available as a proofreader 🙂

  3. maryellenbess Says:

    hmmmm! let go and let god is entirely out of my hands, but I still get to worry

    • oldereyes Says:

      There’s actually an old saying that goes, “If you pray why worry, if you worry why pray?” which I’ve never understood. I can pray to get through the difficulties that eventually come, including loss of friends and loves ones but I still worry about when and how hard it will be, In other words, I agree …

  4. I don’t mean to be flip, but as I read this I couldn’t help but think of one little two-word retort: S#!t happens. 🙂 As someone who used to believe that Everything Happens For A Reason, I’ve become much more at ease with the idea that sometimes, things are just really awful and that’s all there is to it. I don’t believe in my soul that a child’s death is God’s plan, etc., but if that idea gives comfort to someone who is hurting, then so much the better for them. I do believe, though, that we can find some way to better a situation in the midst of the apparent madness, whether that’s finding the proverbial silver lining or taking action to improve things for the next time, next victim, next generation. Sometimes I think we “give to God” something that we ourselves should act upon, but we don’t because we’re fearful, lazy or just bewildered. If we remember to be angels for each other, more prayers would be answered.

    • oldereyes Says:

      I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that almost exactly two years ago, I posted Things Happen, which started out, “What do you think when you hear the phrase Things Happen? Is it a cleaned-up, slightly more positive version of the bumper sticker, Shit Happens?” So, you don’t sound flip at all. I agree that Let God doesn’t mean Let God Do It, it means take action and turn over the outcome. I think that’s what you were saying anyway.

  5. A very dear, old friend of mine from childhood died in September of 1988 of cancer and the year prior to his passing, he often used the phrase -with respect to his life, his health problems as “Shit Happens.” And since that time, my kids and I have used that phrase over and over again when things seem to be taking place in our lives, in and around people close to us -things that seem unfair, even cruel and well, just plain wrong! Telling people who are grieving that “You’ll see, it will all work out for the best” or some such phrase like that I think can only be applicable in the case of someone who has suffered for quite some time with some incurable illness or injury. Whereas to think in terms of prayers for those same people who according to medical efforts currently available appear to be beyond that scope, in terms of “God’s will be done” as opposed to praying for a specific miracle, to me, makes more sense and to those with a strong faith, it seems to lessen the probability of at least some people giving up and losing their faith if they feel their prayers (for a specific cure or whatever, have not been answered. I guess I’m saying my theory is along the lines then of “Let Go and Let God.” Some people just can’t accept that, but for my own part, turning it over to my Higher Power, which is what that is, enables me to cope better, overall. Does this make sense? I dunno but it is what works best for me is about all I can offer there -if you’re seeking “offerings” that is.

    • oldereyes Says:

      It seems to me that we let Go and Let God for our own sake not God’s. It simply means accept what is and make the best of it. Because the alternative is to fight what is and make the worst of it.

  6. Mo Says:

    Unfortunately this post is extremely relevant for me right now, as a beautiful young couple from my community are lying side by side in comas after a freak auto accident where no one was at fault. It is extremely unlikely that either of them will recover, let alone live a normal life. If this tragedy is “for the best” then God must be evil. Sorry, but I just cannot see it any other way. I believe God is grieving along with the rest of us, but I think it is pointless if not insulting to suggest that such a tragedy is part of God’s grand “plan.”

    I am also thinking of the joke about the guy who prayed to win the lottery. God said “Sure, you’ve led a righteous life. You’re due to win one.” But he didn’t win and didn’t win and didn’t win. Finally he went back and complained, “Hey, what’s up? You said I would win the lottery!” God’s answer: “Yeah, but first you have to buy a ticket!” Silly, but I think of it every time I hear people talking about God’s plan. There may be a plan, but it’s up to us to buy the ticket.

    • oldereyes Says:

      I’m sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment. yes, that is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about. I love your lottery story … I think I may have to use it the next time I’m ina meeting and someone starts the God’s plan stuff. I really believe that we are participants in the details of God’s plan, that God sets the overall direction bu wants us to determine the tone and texture.

  7. undividing Says:

    It’s interesting hearing your perspective on this, especially as a parent of adult children – no direct sway but fingerprints over their decisions. So here’s a question for you, do you believe in miracles? What kind of involvement do you think God has in our lives today? I’m thankful that you’ve traveled so far in your spiritual journey – it gives me hope that I can become spiritual again too : )

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