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This week, I was invited by Judy of Savoring Today to take the Seven Links Challenge.  Savoring Today is about cooking and food (with gorgeous photos) but it’s also about applying the concept of savoring to our lives, to engage more fully in today by capturing life lessons, valuing people and relationships, or basking in our blessings (as Judy says on Savoring Today’s About page).   The purpose of the Seven Links Challenge is to give bloggers a chance share once again old and forgotten posts that deserve recognition.  Now, if you’re a regular here, you know I love this kind of thing.   For one, retrospection, like introspection, is good for the soul.  It is also a useful way to look back to see where a blog has been and where it’s headed.  The challenge does have two rules:

1) The blogger who is nominated must publish 7 links of his/her own blog for the categories below (1 link per category).

2) The blogger then nominates 5-7 more bloggers to take part, and it (hopefully) goes on.

Let me reassure those of you in the incipient stages of an anxiety attack that this is not … repeat IS NOT … a meme.  Put away the Xanax and keep reading.

1. Most Beautiful Post – Even though I recently reposted it, I think Perspective, originally posted back in October of 2009, is my most beautiful post, a picture of how life is when I am at my best.

2. Most Popular Post – This one is easy, although Sunday Funnies wouldn’t have made any of my best of lists if it hadn’t been Freshly Pressed and received over 1600 views.  It is a nostalgic look at reading the Sunday Comics when I was a boy, three and a half million years ago.

3.  Most Controversial Post – Considering that I have strong opinions on just about everything, there’s remarkably little controversy here on Older Eyes.   My post, Dumb Guy Chic, which lamented the portrayal of dumbness as a quintessentially male attribute and its effect on boys probably generated more interesting discussion than any other, mostly between my brother and I.

4.  Most Helpful Post  – A post titled Bud’s Meditation … which described the particular routine I use for meditation on those too infrequent times when I take the time … is the fourth most viewed post ever on Older Eyes in spite of the fact that it isn’t actually a post but a hidden page.   I linked to it in a post titled Meditate? Me? because I didn’t want to appear to be promoting any particular form of meditation.   I assumed that no one would find Bud’s Meditation without reading Meditate? Me?   Of course, I was wrong.  Bud’s Meditation can be (and is frequently) found by search engines and it continues to get sporadic hits a year and a half after I it was posted.  I think it’s popular because it’s a nice place to learn about meditation without a lot of hoo-ha.

5. Most Surprisingly Successful PostThe Jesus Follies was a personal exploration of the vehemence of my reaction upon hearing about some of the particulars of the Tony Award winning musical, The Book of Mormon.   Although I tend to be open-minded, I found myself angered that the central beliefs of a religion would be mocked in a successful musical.   It was my most commented upon post.

6.  Post That Didn’t Get the Attention It Deserved – Do I have to choose just one?  After all, I think most bloggers have Babies hidden far down the blog page that need some love.  One of my favorites was Nobody’s Demographic, a curmudgeonly rant about being a sixty-something sports fan subjected to programming targeting twenty-somethings.   This may have been the first official appearance of my Inner Curmudgeon on Older Eyes.

7. Post I am Most Proud Of – Yikes!  Choosing from among My Babies would be like making Sophie’s Choice.  So, I’ll choose One Post I’m Proud Of, The Negotiator, which combines personal history, nostalgia, love of family and a humorous grandkid story in a way I wish I could repeat more often.  But as you probably know, the path of a post from brain to keyboard is not entirely predictable.

So, now we’re at that moment I know you’ve been waiting for, when I nominate 5-7 blogs to participate.   I can almost hear the whining already.   I don’t do memes (it’s not a meme).  I don’t do challenges (you blog regularly, that is a challenge).  Here are my nominees, carefully chosen from my Blogs I Read list:

1.  Terri of These Are Days (Pssst!  There are some really good posts on your old blog!)

2. Cheryl of The Art of Being Conflicted

3. Susan of coming east

4, Happy, Sardonic Woman Living Somewhere On The Eastern Seaboard of thesinglecell

5. Meleah Rebeccah of mama mia mea culpa

Anyone just stopping by, feel free to consider yourself challenged, too.  And of course, if you don’t want to play, that’s fine.

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16 Comments on “Seven Links Challenge”

  1. Wow… thanks! This’ll be fun! As you know, I haven’t been on the blogwagon long, but still it will be interesting to go back and check out some stats and some things I liked that nobody read (not that you and I are familiar with that at ALL, right? *cough* Amy WInehouse *cough*)… You and Jodi Stone have given me something to blog about today!

  2. Cheryl P. Says:

    Oh that is a challenge, Bud. I will have to work on my picks but I suspect finding which of my post that fit into legitimate catagories like helpful, beautiful or popular might be difficult. Had you said stupid, superficial or dumb we would have been talking a much easier task. Still I am on it. Fair warning, it will be a few days until I get to it. (not lack of interest…I am in the middle of a hellish week)

    I appreciate you thinking of me. Thanks

  3. Jodi Stone Says:

    I saw your comment above mine on thesinglecell and thought I would pop over.

    I read your seven links and loved them all. I will be subscribing to this blog.

    Strange but you seem to have a similar view on life as me and that is comforting to know there are others out there.

    Great job.

  4. SandySays1 Says:

    Hi older eyes,
    Congrats on your nomination. It looks like your readership is growing. Good for you! I always enjoy my stop by.

  5. Oh boy, this sure IS going to be a challenge for me! But I will do my best to participate. Thanks for thinking of me.

    And, I now am going to spend some extra time over here today to read YOUR Seven Links!

  6. comingeast Says:

    Thought I had responded to this, but guess it was only in my mind. LOL! Thanks so much, Bud. I will definitely accept the challenge. Might take me a few days. I look forward to reading some of your past posts I may have missed.

  7. territerri Says:

    I’m glad you called my attention to this post! I would hate to have missed it. (And I know all of those “It’s not a meme!” disclaimers were aimed at me! 😉 )

    This actually appeals to me on many levels. I’ll definitely participate, even if it takes me some time. (And thanks for the suggestion about posts on the old blog. Maybe this is the catalyst I need to resurrect some of them.)

    I clearly remember many of the posts you’ve linked here. I’ve had your meditation in my favorites as I’ve always meant to explore meditation more seriously. Still working on it.

    I remember when your Sunday Funnies post went up. It brought back a lot of memories for me and I commented, then came back later to see what others had to say and realized you’d been Freshly Pressed. I was so happy for you!

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