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A while back, when WordPress informed me I’d just published my 630th post, I did a quick calculation.   Assuming my average post is about 650 words long, that is a total of 409, 500 words.  When I told Muri, she said, Wow (which was the desired response).   Then she said, When are you going to turn that into a book?   I’d finally convinced myself I was happy being a blogger, and the Love of My Life says the B-word.   But the truth is, it’s every bloggers dream, isn’t it … a publisher or editor will stop by, say Wow, then leave a comment that says, I really like your work.  Please contact me at xxx-xxx-xxx to discuss a cash advance.  Yeah, right.

Then a week ago, Susan of comingeast posted It’s Time to Get Serious Again upon returning from a writer’s conference.  I get so excited and tell myself that this time it will be different, she wrote.  This time I’m really going to write that book.  This time there will be no excuses.  Luckily, my husband is my biggest supporter.   I’m lucky, too.   Muri is 100% behind my writing, she just doesn’t see why all this writing shouldn’t lead to a book.  I’d like to let Susan’s post inspire me.  But I’ve written a book, a novel called A Dangerous Misconception.  It’s languishing in a drawer because I don’t think it’s salvageable.  Giving up on it was painful, the kind of pain I’m not sure I want to endure again.   And even if I were to complete another book, one that might be publishable, I’m not sure I have the energy to do everything I’ve heard one has to do to get to book published.

To be honest, my own attitude makes me feel old.   Feeling older is OK but I don’t like feeling old, so I’m taking Muri’s suggestion and cautiously looking through my posts to see if there’s material for a book.  There are seventeen categories, from my original theme of feeling older to curmudgeonly rants and spirituality.   Maybe I’m a nonfiction writer.  Maybe there’s Curmudgeonly Soup for the Old Fart’s Soul hiding in my 409, 500 words.  Stranger things have happened.

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21 Comments on “Blogging a Book”

  1. I’m in the same category as the person who said WOW.

    WOW! 630 posts is a tremendous output of blogging ideas.

    I’d have to say you shouldn’t be daunted by writing a book if you can have that many ideas, and then flesh all of them out (even if you’re publishing them in 650 word bites.)

    Keep on keepin’ on!

    • oldereyes Says:

      Well, as I said further down in my comments, I’m actually not daunted by writing a book. I’m daunted by publishing a book and wonder if I want to spend the time writing (another) one only to decide it’s not publishable.

  2. marjulo Says:

    I know the lure of writing a book is hard to resist, but I’m in the same bind. I have a biography/memoir languishing in my desk too–a few more edits and it could be ready. I don’t want to go to the trouble either. I finally decided to let my kids publish it posthumously! I don’t think I have the personality or energy to go around promoting my book! I still should finish it, though… Like you, I am resisting taking that final step!

  3. publishing these days is an easy and inexpensive proposition.

    I too put my first novel in a drawer. But when I finished my second (that I HAD to write,) I refused to let it die. Yes it was a monster of a marketing challenge, but I met many people and enjoyed the process
    A decade later and lacking that earlier drive, I released my second novel via POD/Kindle. I did not market, I did not create book signings, but it is available to the world and I have no regrets or pain that it is not visible to the world.
    Perhaps you are mistaking sales for publishing.

    • oldereyes Says:

      I seem to have lost that HAD to write motivation, although certainly I am writing (blogging) every day. There is in fact that whole spectrum of writing from journaling to blogging to self-publishing to selling. I THINK if I could be content without sales to validate my writing (and sometimes, I’m there), I’d be content with blogging. But I will look into your suggestions. Thanks.

  4. muri Says:

    True, you could be a non-fiction writer!! All those words flow naturally and people seem to be interested in what you have to say. Stranger things might very well happen:).

  5. OMG, Bud! If your blog posts work out to that amount of wordage, think about the triple volumes of the equivalency to “War and Peace” that my blog holds! I know -whoppty-do, huh? But seriously, with your great writing skills, I really do think Muri has a darned good point. Personally, I think a title pertaining to your curmedgeon side would definitely bring the readers in too! So my advice -go for it!

  6. “But I’ve written a book, a novel called A Dangerous Misconception. It’s languishing in a drawer because I don’t think it’s salvageable. Giving up on it was painful, the kind of pain I’m not sure I want to endure again.”

    Are you 100% sure it’s NOT salvageable? You are such a talented writer, Bud. You will have my full-support if you do decide to write another book. And, I am pretty sure you will find your blog has TONS of material to work with.

    • oldereyes Says:

      Thanks, Meleah. The answer is probably about 90% sure. I was studying creative writing with a mystery writer and ended up writing a mystery that I probably wouldn’t read. It was meant to be darkly funny and it’s not … and the mystery seems contrived. I suppose I should go back and read it, though. Supposedly, I’m older and wiser now.

  7. Coming East Says:

    First, thanks so much for mentioning me in your post, Bud.
    Second…Aaarrgggghhhhh! I don’t want to hear how hard it is. Not right now. Not before I write my own novel that is languishing in my desk drawer. LOL! My inner critic is already giving me enough trouble.
    Third, I agree that you are a tremendous writer, and why not try your hand at non-fiction, pulling from your previously posted blogs? I would buy your book in a New York minute!

    • oldereyes Says:

      I certainly didn’t mean to discourage you. I was trying to stir myself into a little action. I honestly don’t know where I’ll head next. You’ve certainly got me thinking again.

  8. Maybe the answer lies in how we each define what a “book” is or should be. Any blogger with a good amount of fodder to work with could publish a book of essays; theoretically, we could just pull from the blogs, if they’re good enough. Take them all from one category, or find a common theme woven through them, and edit a book. I find the idea of “writing a book” daunting, too; I started one and found myself stuck way too early in the game. I keep thinking I’ll go back to it. I have a beginning and an ending and some stuff in the middle but I can’t figure out how to make it all hook together in the other 300 pages. You’ve already done that much. I applaud you!

    • oldereyes Says:

      The way I’m built, I have to believe in a project … I can’t drive it forward on will alone. I’ve got the organizational skills to pull a “book” together … as you say, I’ve done it. The novel I wrote is put together pretty well but it didn’t turn out to be what I thought it would … a dark comic mystery. And parts seem contrived. So, I stopped believing in it. I do value the experience of putting it together, I’m just not sure I want to do it again to end up at the same place.

  9. territerri Says:

    I am always impressed with your dedication to your writing and the fact that you consistently write well. And while I have no doubt you could turn your blog posts into a novel, I’m wondering what happened to “Complications.” You had me hooked on the story right from the start and I wanted to keep reading. Whichever direction you decide to go… continuing blogging, turning blog posts into a book, or finishing what you’ve started with Complications, I’ll be anxiously waiting to read your words.

  10. nobusysignal Says:

    And I was impressed when they told me “congratulations this 93rd post.” Back to the grind stone for me eh.

  11. Rick Gleason Says:

    I think you’re on to something Bud and should take Muri’s encouragement and go for it! But I do understand it is YOU who needs to be sold on the project. Your heart needs to be into it.

    It’s a daunting task to put a book together and to work for it’s success. I’ve had several friends, long before I started my latest blog, tell me “you should write a book.” Easier said than done, that’s for sure.

    It sounds like you have several options between Misconception, to Complications, to putting together something of the nonfiction variety by using what you’ve already shared in this blog as it’s foundation.

    Regardless — you have left for your grandchildren and those that will follow that legacy we talked about just a few months ago. What a valuable resource you have left your descendants in helping them to know who and what you were all about. You’ve already written a great book for nthe most important readers you could ever find. How many people can say that?

    Congratulate yourself!

  12. Oscar Says:

    No doubt you could write a book.

    You write well, keep MY interest.

    I like your perspectives. OK I’m a fan.

    Do it.

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