Heads Up

Lately, I’ve been doing my Morning Pages at home instead of the park.   Partly, it’s because these old bones are more comfortable writing in a chair than in the front seat of my car.  It also saves time when I transition from journalling to more structured writing … blogging and projects … that is best done at my desk.   My chosen place at home is the kitchen table, where I can open the blinds and keep an eye on the birds in the yard.  Friday morning, as I paused to decide what to rant about next, I looked up and noticed  the baker’s rack next to our table, decked out with Muri’s decorations for fall.  I smiled.  I am lucky to live in a beautiful house, surrounded by pretty things.  I realized at that moment that although I pride myself on noticing … I’ve even posted on the subject … lately, I’ve been living my life with my Head Down.   Maybe with my Head In, like this guy.

You see, I’d forgotten that going to the park isn’t about time or or having a comfortable place to sit.   It’s about being in a place where the commonplace isn’t commonplace, where the sun rises over the tree tops and the geese sweep down in chevron flight onto the lake.  It’s about being in a place that helps me to notice, to keep my Head Up.   So today, when Muri showed up at the park to walk, I took my camera along.  Carrying a camera is another thing that helps me keep my Head Up.   So, today, you get to take a walk with us in our park.  You don’t need to bring your mp3 player … I’ve provided the music … The First of Autumn by Enya.   Yes, we do have autumn here in Socal.  It just comes a little late and is a bit less flamboyant than autumn is elsewhere.  Yes, less flamboyant is a nice change of pace for us.

So, have a nice weekend and keep your Heads Up.  Or Out.  Or whatever.

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2 Comments on “Heads Up”

  1. that was beautiful Bud…thank you.

  2. territerri Says:

    Oh, it’s so pretty there. Thanks for sharing your walk in the park and also for the reminder to keep my head up. Mine’s been down too much lately too.

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