Monday Smiles – 11/28/2011

It has been a long time since my grandkids have had a sleepover at Nana and Papa’s house.   For one, we don’t come to Phoenix very often in the summer, since it’s inclined to be over 110° nearly every day.   My daughter hasn’t seemed inclined to let them stay on the few occasions we were here, possibly because hot weather brings out the scorpions in San Tan Valley … and the last time she was here … in our absence … with the kids, they found on in the family room.   But this visit, the weather was cooler and there were extenuating circumstances.  Maddux was going to miss his pre-school Thanksgiving party because he had a doctor’s appointment so my daughter asked if he could spend Wednesday night at our house to make up for it.  Of course, once Reed and Savy heard that Maddux was having a sleepover, they wanted their turn.  Plan B: Savy Tuesday night, Maddux Wednesday night, and Reed on Thursday.  Now, Savy is a Mommy’s girl … when my daughter asked if she really would spend the night without crying, she didn’t answer.   Maddux, always the good big brother said, She can come on my night.   Savy said, Yes, I want that.   Plan C:  Maddux and Savy, Wednesday night … Reed on Thursday after Thanksgiving dinner.

So Wednesday, my daughter transferred the car seats to my car … safety first and we set out with Savy and Maddux chattering away in the back seat.  When we get to our house, Nana brings out the treasure boxes she bought them and lots of sticker to use as decorations … princesses for Savy and pirates for Maddux.    We search the back yard foe golf balls, the watch the birdies and bunnies through Papa’s binoculars.   We rediscover all the old friends that have been waiting in the toy basket then set out to IHOP for dinner.   It’s a damp night and as we pass through the former dairy section, the smell is so strong you can almost taste it … and the kids’ reactions are so funny, I almost have to pull off the road I’m laughing so hard.   IHOP is short on help so they won’t even seat us so it’s off to Applebee’s where the wait is 20 minutes.  By now, we’re starving and settle for the McDonald’s across the street.   Maddux informs us that McDonald’s is his favorite but Mommy never takes me there … they each get a happy meal with a toy for their treasure boxes.  Then it’s home to bed on the mattress in Nana and Papa’s room.

Thursday, it’s almost nine o’clock by the time we make it home with Reed but a movie night has been part of his routine with us since he was three.  We put on The Empire Strikes Back and curl up to watch together …. he still cuddles closer when Darth Vader shows up.  Papa loves it.   Reed is the sleeper in the group and at nine-thirty, he says, I’m tired,  Can I watch the rest in the morning?   In the morning, he and I get to play on my computer.    It’s a known fact that parents’ computers have too much important stuff on them for six year old boys to use and Papa’s computers don’t.   And that Papa will take the time to show Reed how to use Magix Music Maker, a music synthesis program, on his laptop.  It’s amazing the computer skills he has at six and pretty soon, he’s making up his own songs.  I like hip-hop, he informs me … there’s time to work on that.   We decorate his treasure box, sort of watch the rest of  the movie, play a matching game that Nana found and pick up lunch at McDonald’s … parity is very important, you know?  Then it’s off to see the new Muppets Movie before heading back to my daughter’s house to baby sit so Mommy and Daddy can have a date night.

Friday night, Muri and I return home exhausted and fall into bed, knowing we’ve got Saturday off.   I miss the little monkeys already.   Now, it’s Monday … we’re going to Savy’s dance class, having lunch with my daughter, Savy and Maddux, then going to Reed’s running club at his school.   It’s been a fun visit … I’m smiling.   And, oh yeah … there’s this:Oh, yeah, it was a good weekend.

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8 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 11/28/2011”

  1. marjulo Says:

    Sounds great! Nothing like grandkids to bring smiles to curmudgeons! And winning football teams.

  2. Awwwww! How fabulous to get to spend such quality time with the grand-kids!!

  3. territerri Says:

    It sounds like a GREAT weekend! I remember having overnights at my grandparents’ home and feeling special for reasons similar to what you’ve described. I was allowed to help grandma in the kitchen and walk with her through her massive gardens. She listened to me and paid close attention when I was talking. She had time for me and taught me things, both simple and important things. It sounds like you are making lasting, wonderful memories for your own grandkids.

  4. Very sweet. Sounds like you’ve had your fill of holiday cheer already! Glad you’ve enjoyed this visit so thoroughly.

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