‘Tis the Season

A few hours after this posts, Muri and I will load up the car and head back to California.   Thanksgiving is over for another year … Black Friday and Cyber Monday are history.   The tree is up at my grandkids’ house and lights are spreading through the neighborhood like a wildfire.   It seems as if the holiday decorations have been up in the stores for months and the Sirius XM Love channel has already switched over to Christmas music.   ‘Tis the season.  ‘Tis also the 127th Top Sites Tuesday and  my Two Thoughts turn to Things I Love About the Holidays and Things That Drive me Crazy.

Things I love

The Spirit of the Season

The Light in Children's Eyes

Hannukah Lights

Beautiful Christmas Music

Tasteful Christmas Lights

Things That Drive Me Crazy

Ads for Cars as Christmas Gifts

Awful Christmas Lights

Black Friday Madness

Politically Correct Holiday Greetings

Awful Christmas Music

Oh, I could go on and on but it’s time to pack for the trip home.   I hope your December is filled with the Things You Love and that you can ignore the Things That Drive You Crazy (I don’t see much chance of them going away in this crazy world).  If you enjoyed this post, I hope you’ll take the time to push my button … gently … to make me Number One on Top Sites Tuesday #127.   Let me know what your holiday favorites and not-so-favorites are, too.

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18 Comments on “‘Tis the Season”

  1. nobusysignal Says:

    OK, I pushed the button. I love your posts.

  2. I. HATE. inflatable lawn decorations. Like, I fantasize about knifing them in the middle of the night. They’re so tacky. Yet I find elaborate and crazy decorations to be amusing, if not beautiful. I see them and wonder what’s up with the people who did them; do they really think this is awesome? Or is it kind of just a joke? How did they get these ideas? Why do they think it’s festive to just ball the lights up and toss them in the air and see where they land on the tree?

    Beautiful Christmas music is one of my favorite parts of the season, but I’m often disappointed by radio (I don’t have satellite) because they play the same six songs over and over. Mariah Carey, George Michael, a boy band (take your pick), Celine Dion and Faith Hill. So I stick to CDs.

    • oldereyes Says:

      Yes. Inflatables. Our next door neighbors have THREE on their lawn. And, by the way, the situation is no better on satellite radio. Yesterday we heard Santa Calus is Coming to Town by the Ronettes. Da Do Ron Ron.

  3. You hit the nail on the head with this post -in my book anyway! One of the things I “love” about Christmas is what you chose to begin your post -Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men -wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone would and could adhere to that dream? Black Friday and Politically Correct Christmas things are at the top of my “things I dislike” list too! How to keep the message, the true meaning of Christmas, in our hearts and minds and not succumb to all the commercialization of this wonderful time becomes more uppermost in my mind each year. Daughter has not yet brought the Christmas decorations down from the attic and when she does, I dread having all the extra boxes around the house that the stuff is stored in! Wish she’d put them back in the attic until it’s time to untrim the tree and the house and such! That’s my own “dislike” there and it’s pretty much wishful thinking around here! LOL

    • oldereyes Says:

      You’re right … whether one’s Christian or not, the pure materialism of the stores and TV is disturbing. We put all the decoration boxes in the garage. Muri would never have them around the house.

  4. sharon Says:

    nice post! I don’t like Christmas music, not because I am a bah hum bug, it’s sappy. My radio station has switched to every song is a Christmas song, I switched stations. I love Christmas lights tacky and tasteful. This year we have lights around our gazebo that is above our jacuzzi.

  5. Hehehe Bud…you are right…all the bad music and worse decorations…just adds to the feeling!

  6. territerri Says:

    Those car-for-Christmas ads make me ANGRY! During a season when those less fortunate can only be made MORE aware of their lack of necessities, do we really need to be flaunting cars that few can actually afford?

    And what is with that Cindy Lauper song? Can we burn that please?

    • oldereyes Says:

      Oh, I’m glad they make you angry, too. I get so mad I change the channel. I had to look long and hard to find the Cindy Lauper song. It may be the worst ever!

  7. Wolfbernz Says:

    Hi Bud
    I hope you both have a safe trip back to CA.
    I agree nice post, I went shopping once on black Friday and will never do that again! That day looked just like the photo you posted.


  8. AngelBaby Says:

    Have a wonderful trip back to California and drive safely. I have never gone shopping on black Friday, no way it is just to crazy for me.

    Here’s your click ……………

    Love and Blessings,

  9. Trina Says:

    Black Friday was a women’s tradition in our family for a few years… all us women would get together early in one or two large vehicles and go all day. I was always very conscience when I went – but the year I took Wolf was the last for me. The man just can’t say no to a good deal even when it’s not practical LOL

    I love Christmas lights… even if they’re bad, it’s nice to see that someone was in the Christmas Spirit enough to give it a go


    • oldereyes Says:

      My daughter’s been doing Black Friday for two years but says never again. I’ll believe it when I see it. My thing about bad light comes from my Mom … she had very specific rules as to waht was tasteful and what wasn’t. Which is interesting, because we hardly had any.

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