Almost Super

If you’ve been coming here for a while, you know I’m a sports fan, in this order: USC Trojan Football; L.A. Lakers Basketball; University of Connecticut Basketball; and pro football.  Because I don’t have a favorite team, pro football falls pretty far below the other sports.  Oh, there are teams I like … the Packers, the Saints and, yes, the Patriots … but like isn’t love.  So I don’t live for the Super Bowl.  We don’t plan Super Bowl parties or go to them (well, maybe because that’s because we don’t get invited … go figure … two interesting people like us).   I don’t even plan Super Bowl Sunday around the game.  But I watch.  I’ve seen almost every game and over-hyped half time show, as well as hundreds of commercials created just for the occasion.

So, it’s Top Sites Tuesday #137Two Thoughts on Tuesday … and my Thought Number One is that this may have been one of the most entertaining, professionally played NFL Championship Games ever.  As one of the announcers said, We should just let these two teams play every year.  We had great players who behaved like professionals, brilliant quarterbacks, amazing plays and boneheaded blunders.  We had a dropped pass by one player, Wes Welker, who never even drops a name and an amazing catch by Mario Manningham that led to the giants victory.   And we had one of the most professional and polished halftime shows I can remember.  While I enjoy most of Madonna’s music, I’m not a fan of her on stage antics but I genuinely enjoyed her performance, particularly the use of the gospel background singers.

Yes … Thought Number Two … the game was Almost Super but not quite.  Well, yes, there’s that … the team I liked lost.  But it still would have been Super if announcer Chris Collinsworth could have kept his mouth shut occasionally … and stopped fawning over the Giants, even when they were behind, 17-9.   Al Michaels is such a pro, it’s a shame he has to be talked over by such a motor mouth.  It would have been Super if British singer M.I.A. hadn’t flipped off the entire nation.  Look, I know everyone but the most sheltered child has seen someone shoot the bird, but couldn’t she have found a better way to thank us for letting her unknown British butt on TV during our biggest sporting event?  The NFL isn’t blameless, however … if they insist on choosing edgy acts for the halftime show, these things will happen.   I don’t recall Paul McCartney flipping anyone off.  It would have been Super if a bunch of Giant fans hadn’t taunted Tom Brady as he and his wife left the stadium … no matter how much you paid for your ticket, it doesn’t cover boorishness.  It would have been Super if his wife, Giselle, hadn’t responded with profanity and blamed the Patriot’s receivers … but even the very rich have a right to talk back to jerks.  It would have been Super if  Globe columnist Eric Wilbur hadn’t ripped Brady’s performance, proclaiming, The legend is dead and calling it an embarrassment to the Patriots organization and to Bob Kraft.  You’re an unknown sports writer … get over yourself.  And it would have been Super if a few of the advertisements had lived up to the hype … and if Chrysler had thought twice before reducing our economic crisis to a corny football analogy, even one starring Clint Eastwood.

The Super Bowl was Almost Super.  That’s what I think.  How about you?  And … you know this is coming … how about pushing my button to make me Number One on Top Sites Tuesday # 137.  That would be Super.

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7 Comments on “Almost Super”

  1. I was working during the game, but there was a TV nearby so I caught plays here and there. Had I not been working, I would have been glued to it, which is sometimes not my behavior since my team wasn’t playing. But I just really like good football, and from the beginning unexpected bonehead errors on New England’s part (sorry, but you know it’s true… a safety? In the Super Bowl?) to that football lover’s dream of a final three minutes, I enjoyed what I saw of the game. I did not see the halftime show. Instead, the musical performance that meant the most to me was the Anthem, because my alma mater choir performed (see my last post).

  2. marjulo Says:

    We checked in and out of the game while streaming a movie on Sunday. It looked like a great game! What adverts we saw didn’t seem to be up to the usual quality, or even worth watching. The only Super Bowl show we have watched in recent years was the Rolling Stones.

    I hate the taunting I see players doing during a game–little dances, etc.. It is NOT sporting at all! Fans jeering as Tom Brady and his wife leaving the stadium is terrible! The game wasn’t even played in New York–not that that would make it okay. ‘Nuff said.

  3. Cheryl P. Says:

    Really interesting insights, Bud. I, also, don’t plan my day around the Superbowl. I tend to do a Tivoed power watch after the fact. I like some of the commercials but not a huge fan of pro football. (yes, I know that is unAmerican). When professional sports became fueled with big money and big egos, I tend not to get too caught up in it.

    I love you statement about M,I.A. HAAAAAHAAAA “unknown British butt” She obviously isn’t familiar with fame can be fleeting. It might sail quicker when you get a reputatiion for being a jerk.

    I would gladly have you and Muri over for Superbowl Sunday any time. Of course, KS is a long way from CA/AZ but still, you are always welcome.

  4. territerri Says:

    I was driving my daughter back to school so I missed most of this stuff. Thanks for the review. Now I have a few things to go check out online.

  5. Trina Says:

    I had no idea she flipped everyone off – that totally ruined it, I thought the half-time show was flawless!

    Although I have trouble following the game, I was intrigued by it and it held my attention. I thought there were some amazing moments.


  6. Wolfbernz Says:

    Hi Bud,

    It’s a shame they heckled Tom Brady. I don’t watch a lot of football, but I thought he played great game and completed quite a few passes. But then again everyone is so serious about this and it’s just game.

    Happy Tuesday

  7. I think I am the ONLY person ON EARTH that did NOT watch the Super Bowl.

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