Semi-retired life is funny.  It’s funny because in my business it’s not semi-retired as in I’m always working quarter time.  It’s I’m working full time this week then off for threeHalf time for two months, then off for six.  If you’re a sports fan, you know that if your favorite quarterback doesn’t get enough snaps, he won’t be able to get into a Rhythm.  And you know, when he can’t get into a Rhythm, there are no touchdown passes.  So, on this Top Sites Tuesday #139, my Thought Number One is a question:  Do you think that only jocks need to find a rhythm, that engineers can sit on the bench then come right in and crank those equations?

For over a year. my business partner and I have been nursing a local customer … which means we’ve been doing small jobs for them for free in hopes of getting getting paid for work later.  Well, shortly after the new year, they told us that later was here … at least almost.  The contract came in this week.  As luck would have it, while we were in Arizona, I got an inquiry from a small company in Cincinnati about engaging my services as an expert.  Yesterday it was time to get to work, do some reading to prepare for a meeting tomorrow and look at the material sent from Cincinnati.   In our work we use a software package called MATLAB to test out our ideas, so it was time to re-familiarize myself with the language.

My work day started about 8:30 and the next time I looked up it was 2:15.  I thought all I’d missed was lunch, so I scrambled downstairs to make a sandwich, bringing it back upstairs so I could keep working.  My son says my keyboard is disgusting, mostly because I eat while working but once I’m onto a problem, I’m pretty obsessive.   I read a few technical papers, sent off some ideas to my new Cincinnati customer, then called my business partner.   Did you get my messages? he said.  No, said I, thinking about my phone, still on the dresser in our bedroom.   It was off.  When I turned it on, I realized I’d had plans to meet a friend for coffee at 1:30 and missed 5 other calls.   I called to apologize but he told me that’s what he gets for hanging around with senior citizens.  Just great.

I’m lucky.  I love my vocation.   But old habits die hard … when the engineering calls, it tends to take over my life.    But I love having time to stop to have lunch with Muri or coffee with a friend.  I love my avocation, writing, too, perhaps just as much as engineering.   So, Thought Number Two is another question: How do I get that old engineering rhythm back … and stay the happy semi-retired blogger I’ve come to be?  We’ll all just have to stay tuned, I guess.  And while you’re staying tuned, please push my button … gently … to make me Number One on Top Sites Tuesday #139.

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4 Comments on “Rhythm”

  1. Cheryl P. Says:

    I totally relate to fixating 100 percent on whatever I am working on. I an not good at finding balance in my life. If I am working on something it consumes me to the detriment of other things. Still isn’t it great that you are in demand. I would ignore any comments about being a senior. You are the guy with the expertise. Thats not bound to an age…that is bound to a skill. Yeah for you.

  2. Liggy Says:

    I dunno, Bud…seems like a lot of people I know never really end up retiring. Unless I am too weak to get around anywhere, I really don’t want to ever retire. I would be absolutely bored!!!

  3. Wolfbernz Says:

    Hi Bud,

    Retirement… hmmmm…. Well, I have been told I go on binges. Windmills. Cars. Work. Boats… but hey, there’s nothing quite like giving it your all! So I can understand it’s difficult to take a break and work on something!

    Retirement… hmmmm…. it is just like starting a new project though…


  4. territerri Says:

    Rhythm…. that is something I struggle to maintain. If I’m busy at work, I lose my rhythm with my writing. When there’s not a constant flow of projects on my to-do list at work, I lose my rhythm there. Sometimes I think it would be nice to just be able to take it all in stride, but there’s something to be said for having to work for your accomplishments and satisfaction.

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