Places Only Imagined

Many of my paintings combine watercolors with pen and ink.  The truth is that I don’t have the technique, skill or patience to bring the kind of detail I want to the page with watercolors and at this point in my life I’m not inclined to take the time to learn.  On the other hand, I’ve dabbled with pen and ink for years.   Like many of my art journal entries, these start with a very wet wash of several colors.  Often, I stand the page on end to let the colors flow where they will.  Once a background is set, I splatter other colors onto the wet page until a theme presents itself.   Frequently, the result is floral, other times it’s like a very wet doodle.  Sometimes, the background suggests a scene, a snow covered mountain or an imaginary city.   Then I let the paint dry and begin to work with opaque ink in a drawing pen, usually just black and white but occasionally with colors.   The scenes are Places Only Imagined that are as much a surprise to me as they are to others.   I rarely title my paintings but I thought it would be fun to post several here and ask my readers to title them.  I have titles in mind, too, which I’ll post once I’ve heard yours.  And if no one wants to play, that’s fine, too.  If you click on each painting, you’ll get a higher resolution view.  Thanks for stopping by.

Number One

Number One

Number Two

Number Three

P.S. – My favorite in Number Three.

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10 Comments on “Places Only Imagined”

  1. I love the paintings. They look beautiful on my screen. It’s a 24 inch LED so some serious color resolution. I want to play but I have to think about this….I am seriously afraid anything I come up with won’t measure up to your paintings. I will think about it and get back with you.

    Really pretty…especially gaa gaa over number two.

  2. OK, I am back. Everything I think about, requires a lot of thought. Have you not “gotten that” after reading my stuff, heh heh????

    so hear goes and of course I have reasons…you had to know it wouldn’t be as easy as it is coming from me.

    You are allowed to truly hate these and keep the Picture no. 1,2, & 3 going. Those work fine

    Picture One….Innocent Voyuer — I always think of the people hidden from one’s site when looking at those highrises. Behind every window is someone living their life. When we look at a skyline the only reason we aren’t true voyuers is we aren’t using a telescope.

    Picture Two…a couple of possibilties Reaching Into Heaven or The Breath of God…My pastor was talking about why Jesus always reflected on mountains and often taught there. Same with Moses. Moses dellivered the tablets on a mountain, after all. There are 178 references to mountains in the Bible because people have the sense they are closer to Heaven when they are on a mountain.

    Picture Three….Urban Reflective…..The smaller city scape nearly looks like a reflection in a pool of the larger city scape.

    So now there you have it. Didn’t say I was good at naming paintings, I just said I would think about it.

  3. Coming East Says:

    Sorry I don’t have any titles, but I love your artwork. I had no idea you had that kind of talent. I especially like the cityscape because it reminds me of New York. Thanks so much for sharing these with us.

  4. territerri Says:

    These are BEAUTIFUL! But I don’t think I could dream up any titles that would even compare to the ones Cheryl proposed.

    I’m torn between number 2 and number 3 as a favorite. Bud, you’re GOOD!

  5. oldereyes Says:

    OK, Cheryl’s titles are much better than mine. Mine are : (1) Ghost City; (2) Alone; and (3) Alpine Holiday.

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