In Traffic

When we bought our house in Anaheim Hills seven years ago, one of the things we liked was the built in barbeque, a BBQ Galore Turbo.   We loved it until we had to make some repairs, when we discovered two words described BBQ Galore parts … scarce and expensive.  And the single word that described BBQ Galore customer service was non-existent.  So, Yesterday, we needed some more parts.  Naturally, our local store didn’t have what we needed but they found what I needed at their store in Torrance … forty miles away, near the L.A. Airport.  I generally avoid driving in L.A. during rush hour … for obvious reasons.  But sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do and with parts scarce, I figured I better go get what I needed.  Given that I volunteer at the office on Wednesdays, that meant rush hour.  I got my parts and started home, only to find myself in bumper to bumper traffic behind this truck.

Now, I’m no prude, but his sort of thing should not be on our public roads where impressionable children can see it.  The longer I was stuck behind it, the more indignant I became.  And I was absolutely furious when I missed my exit.  Rim shot, please.

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2 Comments on “In Traffic”

  1. You may or may not be aware that “rim shot” can also be construed as a sexual term… not that *I* would ever think of it…

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