Friday Favorites

As I said yesterday, my grandkids are here to visit for a few days … and they even brought their mother along.  They’ll head home Saturday to spend Father’s Day with their Dad, who couldn’t take time off for the trip.  That means my three favorite Little Girls are under my roof.   Of course, there’s Savannah, my first and only grand daughter.  Savy was born on Muri’s Mom’s birthday, so her middle name, Violet, is taken from Muri’s Mom.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve called our daughter, Amy Michelle, my Little Girl.    Shortly before she got married, Amy told me, I’m getting married now, Dad.  I can’t be your Little Girl any more.  But at her rehearsal dinner, she handed me a silver money clip engraved with the words, Your Little Girl.   She will always be my Little Girl.  I don’t know how it started, but when Muri and I were dating in college, she called me her Little Thing and I called her my Little Item.  Although we met in 1964 at the University of Connecticut, it feels like I’ve known her all my life.  When I see pictures of her as a Little Girl, I know I’d have loved her then, too.  Perhaps I did but didn’t know it yet.   Anyway, today’s Friday Favorites are the three cutest Little Girls in the world.   And the money clip is one of my favorite possessions.

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One Comment on “Friday Favorites”

  1. Very sweet. I hope you enjoyed the visit with the kids and Amy.

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