A Lifetime

I’ve wanted to make a video of one of my paintings as it developed for some time now but I kept putting it off.  Since they are actual Art Journal entries, there is no guarantee they’ll be artistic in the usually meaning of the word.   Even though I can be comfortable with paintings I don’t especially like in my sketchbooks, it’s another matter to let others see them.  But last night, I set up my camera on its tripod and began.   As I might have expected, with the thought of publishing the video on my blog driving the left side of my brain, the right side wasn’t feeling very creative.   That is, until the right side decided to make it a time lapse video project … with music.   With that, my left brain said, You’re crazy.  I’m outa here.   This is what turned up, a dark little metaphor for life.  It’s best viewed in full screen mode.

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2 Comments on “A Lifetime”

  1. Oh, BUD!! I am IN LOVE. IN LOVE. The music = prefect . And the painting = TOTES AMAZEBALLS!

    This is brilliant, my friend. BRILLIANT!

    PS: Loved the fade out to black n white!

  2. Muriel Reed Says:

    You are amazing:) can we “bottle” this and sell it? Maybe not the black part so much.

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