Friday Favorties – 6/22/2012

In 1971, Muri and I loaded our suitcases into my aging gray Volvo and set out on our cross country road trip to California.  Our furniture and our Fiat 800 convertible had departed a few days earlier in a moving van.   It’s only for a few years, we told our parents.   I wonder if in our heart of hearts we knew it was an untruth?  It was a choice that determined the texture of our lives, from our lifestyle to the children we’d adopt.  Lives are full of this kind of decision yet we so often we only realize their import in retrospect.   Would we have done anything differently if we’d known?

In 1971, Linda Ronstadt … then of the Stone Ponies … assembled a back up bad for her first solo recording.   Among the musicians were Don Henley and Glenn Frye.  She added Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon for the summer tour.  If you follow seventies popular music at all, you know those names … The Eagles.  In July of 1971, Linda Ronstadt performed at Disneyland with the band to be known as The Eagles as he back up band.  Encouraged by Ronstadt, The Eagles released their own album in 1972, headlined by the hit, Take It Easy, written by Glenn Frye and Jackson Brown.  If you’d asked me at any time in the next nine years, What is your favorite band? I’d have answered The Eagles.  I’d have told you they were the greatest rock and roll band ever.   I have too much water under the bridge to go in for such superlatives these days but you can bet your bippy that when Heartbreak Tonight comes on Sirius XM, the volume goes up to 40 (if Muri’s not in the car).  The band would break up in the eighties with the members each pursuing solo careers, none as successful as that of the band.  perhaps that’s why they reunited in 1994 for the Hell Freezes Over tour.

If you’re a regular here on Bud’s Blog, it won’t surprise you that this Friday’s Favorite isn’t The Eagles or one of their dozens of hit songs.   I’m fond of taking you down one road that I find interesting, only to wind up somewhere else.   The most successful of the band members was Don Henley and in 1989 he released the very successful album,  The End of the Innocence.  On that recording was The Last Worthless Evening, which for some reason, goes beyond favorite.  I find it haunting, pulling at my heart strings.  Of course, in part, I love it because Don Henley is the voice I most identify with The Eagles and because of the driving beat.  Maybe it’s the theme that grabs me, a man whose own broken heart draws him to a woman who’s recovering from her own.  There is such plaintive hope in the lyrics.  Anyway, here it is:


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4 Comments on “Friday Favorties – 6/22/2012”

  1. sharon Says:

    too funny, as I was driving to work this morning I had the thought I need to add the Eagles to my mp3. They are one of the best!

  2. I LOVE The Eagles. Now I’m singing a whole medley in my head. “Desperado” is associated with my first love. It still haunts me. But man, I can’t think of a single one of their songs I don’t like. As for Henley’s solo career, I’ve always liked “The Heart of the Matter” and “New York Minute,” which the band performed on their Hell Freezes Over album. I find that one haunting, too.

  3. oldereyes Says:

    There are a few I didn’t care for. Sad Cafe seemed sort of whiny, for one. New York Minute is haunting on a whole other level. Now … Desperado being associated with your first love … that’s intriguing.

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