Monday Smiles – 7/2/2012

One of our favorite getaway spots, particularly in the winter, is Dana Point Harbor and more particularly, the small grassy park along Mother’s Beach.  We can set up our chairs in the shade of an oak tree and read, write, or talk while watching toddlers dig in the sand or splash in the gentle waves.   Paddle boarders, kayakers and dog walkers come and go, providing background people watching.  We can walk the mile and a half path along the marina, commenting on the peculiar boat names, and if we want, nullify the calorie loss of our trek at our favorite ice cream shop.  We don’t usually venture here on summer weekends because of the crowds.  The grassy knoll we like to have to ourselves is likely to be inhabited by four or five large families under colorful canopies and parking is likely impossible.

Yesterday, we had a different view of Mother’s Beach.   High on the cliffs above the harbor is the Blue Lantern Inn, a delightful little bed and breakfast where we spent Sunday night.  Unlike many bed and breakfasts, which provide quaint but tiny rooms in a converted house, Blue Lantern is a modern hotel-like facility with large rooms featuring flat screen TV, fireplaces, Jacuzzis and balconies overlooking the harbor.  Naturally, as a bed and breakfast, it offers the afternoon wine-and-cheese, breakfast and free DVDs.  It is a beautiful hotel but it is the location (location … location) that makes it a favorite.   The view from our balcony is stunning. We spent most of our one-day mini-vacation enjoying our room but we did slip out for dinner at the spaceship-like Dana Point Chart House restaurant (both of us had shrimp … Muri coconut and Bud, baked stuffed), then an ice cream (Muri coffee, Bud coconut pineapple).   We both slept well … and now we’re relaxing until checkout time.

I’ve posted before about weekly date nights as part of our secret to an almost-44 year marriage.   Mini-vacations, from one night to a long weekend, sometimes not more than an hour away from our house, have been part of the formula, too.   It’s easy to say, It’s silly to spend $$$ to sleep in a hotel when we could sleep at home for free.   But being away from home, however briefly, allows us to forget the chores that need doing or the issues that need resolving, just for a little bit.   It makes it Muri and Bud and no one else in a beautiful setting.   Kathy Mattea puts it beautifully in her song, Asking Us to Dance:

Darling tonight I am reminded how much these two hearts need romance
You know it isn’t all that often we get this kind of chance
Why don’t we get caught in this moment be victims of sweet circumstance
Tonight I feel like all creation is asking us to dance

There’ll be time enough tomorrow to get back to our daily bread
But there’s something bout this evening that put this notion in my head
That heaven and the earth are meeting tonight upon this very spot
And all the things on earth worth having are things that we’ve already got.

Mini-vacations.  It’s Monday … I’m smiling.

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2 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 7/2/2012”

  1. Glad you got to get away for some rest, relaxation, decompression and reconnection to a more peaceful inner place!

  2. Coming East Says:

    I know what you mean, Bud. We live only an hour from Williamsburg, but once or twice a year, we spend an overnight there just to get away. It feels good to be away from the house. Glad you had the opportunity.

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