Green Peeves

Top Sites Tuesday is always a good time to air my pet peeves and this week, my peeves are Green.  On my way home from the park Monday, I stopped to pick up a few groceries at our local Ralph’s supermarket.  In the parking lot and in the shopping cart corral, signs asked if I had remembered my disposable bags, along with some small print about Saving the Earth.   It would be an understatement to say I’m not obsessive about my disposable bags (which were gifts from more environmentally responsible friends.  I wanted money) but I try to remember.  But the signs bug me.  They are one of my Green Peeves.  I won’t debate the value of using disposable bags, although I do suspect that Saving the Earth might be hyperbole.  What bugs me is that Ralph’s saves money when we use our own bags, so their environmentalism could be seen as hypocritical, especially when you go inside the store and check out their refrigerator cases.  They are uncovered … no doors.   Even when I was a kid, my Mom told me, Don’t leave the refrigerator door open, you’ll waste electricity.  Ralph’s has the Mother of All Refrigerators, and they don’t even have a door.  So, they are cooling the whole store, which is why earmuffs and sweaters are recommended when shopping for meat or dairy.   So, I’d offer this suggestion … Thought Number One … to the supermarkets of America: Get your own environmental act together before you lecture me about being Freakin’ Green, OK?

While I’m on the subject, let me get another Green Peeve off my chest.   Don’t you just hate it when a company adopts a Green theme for the advertising but continues to offer the same old crap?   The auto companies are great at this.  Commercial: An Xtra-Cab truck slightly smaller than a Patton Tank hurtling across the desert, kicking up dust and rock, sending the fauna scurrying.  Voice over: With the 2012 Gigundo, you not only get four wheel drive and enough power to kick your neighbor’s ass, you get to help the environment with best in class highway gas mileage.  Yeah, best in the class of gas guzzling behemoths for would-be cowboys who are afraid that size does matter.  But it must work.   How many people do you know who talk about being Green while driving SUVs that could double as troop transports?   On a smaller scale, that very same Ralph’s market is full of products marked with biodegradable labels because consumers are willing to pay more to be Green.  But like the 2012 Gigundo, many of these products are just the same old crap with a TESTED GREEN label.  According to USAToday, the Federal Trade Commission rarely cracks down on companies making false claims and some third-party certifications (like TESTED GREEN) actually did no testing … you simply paid to be certified.  According to, 95% of Green products are not as environmentally friendly as they claim, a result of so-called green-washing of product advertising.  If you want some tips on how to be sure the product you buy is really Green, look here and here.

In the mean time, if you run into me as I’m coming out of Ralph’s you might see me carrying a (gasp!) plastic bag and you’ll definitely see me getting into a fuel efficient … but gasoline powered … Acura.  I promise you, I didn’t buy a single item because it said I’m GREEN on the label, although I might have decided against a few on that basis.  Here’s Thought Number Two: Don’t look down your nose at me as you go by with your disposable bags on your way to your funny little Nissan Leaf.  Because I’m as Green as I’m going to be and you’re probably not as Green as you think you are.  But please … push my button … gently … to make me Number One on Top Sites Tuesday #159.  It’s guaranteed have no effect at all on your Carbon Footprint.

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4 Comments on “Green Peeves”

  1. Cheryl P. Says:

    “With the 2012 Gigundo, you not only get four wheel drive and enough power to kick your neighbor’s ass, you get to help the environment with best in class highway gas mileage. Yeah, best in the class of gas guzzling behemoths for would-be cowboys who are afraid that size does matter.” That is such a funny line. I love it.

    Very interesting post. I never thought about those crazy open topped freezers and refrigerated cases. Total waste of energy.

    Unfortunately, every angle is used today to SELL, SELL, SELL. I don’t bellieve any claims or promises without research… and even then who knows whats true.

  2. trinabd Says:

    I do my best to “go green” but sometimes my green money takes precedence. I’ve seriously downsized our carbon footprint, switching from the lavish Excursion I preferred to drive a few years back to the Camry with killer gas mileage and mafia trunk, we’ve sold off all the super amp’ed up hot-rods, moving from the electric hogging house to the simple boat or apartment, walking when we can (while we’re boating – can’t walk here, there’s nothing to walk to but the stop sign)

    I never really pay attention to what product is more “green” unless the “greener” product smells nicer or cleans the floor better.

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention though, I think I’ll start paying a little bit more attention to those “green” claims.


  3. blogdumps Says:

    Hi Bud,

    I try to pay attention to the green signs, but sometimes they aren’t green, they’re black or brown or yellow, and it totally throws me off LOL

    Seriously tough, thanks for the heads up. I like to know when companies are out to just pull our chain.


  4. I could just say a big AMEN to this and let it go at that but boy, it’s really difficult NOT to throw in a few green peeves of my own. I think though that yours make the point way better than mine would so in the end, I’m gonna stay with that simple little AMEN!

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