Friday night, I went into the bicycle department at our local Sports Chalet and bought new pedals for my bike.  The pedals I’d been using were Look pedals, which use a mechanical cleat to lock the rider’s shoes to the pedal.  This allows the cyclist to both push down and pull up on each stroke, giving him more power and speed.   I began using cleats when I was doing triathlons, not just because I wanted more speed but because no self-respecting triathlete would ride without them.  I did my last triathlon over twenty years ago, but I’ve still been using my Look pedals … I just didn’t want to look like a bike-weenie.  But they are a pain sometimes.  I have to change my shoes for even the shortest ride and if I have to stop to use the facilities, cycling shoes are awkward for walking. particularly on wet concrete floors.  In a tight situation on a busy bike path, disengaging the cleats from the pedals in time to avoid a spill can be iffy.  My new pedals are good old-fashioned bike pedals: no cleats, no toe straps.  On Tuesday, I pulled my bike from the trunk and climbed on in my jeans shorts, BlogDumps T-shirt and cross-training shoes.

There was a time I’d be upset if someone referred to me as a jogger. I was a runner or a marathoner … and I wore my marathon T-shirts to be sure you knew.  I was a cyclist and a triathlete.  I’d be a liar if I told you getting old is wonderful but it has its very definite advantages.  If you keep your Older Eyes open, you discover a lot of that trivial crap you used to worry about … what you wear, what people think of you or call you, what you have … are vanities.  You see that you’re one Peep in a world full of Peeps and your vanities just weigh you down.   Tuesday, I didn’t look like an athlete, a triathlete or a cyclist as I meandered along the park’s trails at 12 mph.  I looked like an old guy on a bike.   I had a very nice old guy ride.  That is a good place to be.

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