It has been a long time since Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog has received an award.   I remember how thrilled I was when The Versatile Blogger award turned up in my comments.  I promptly followed the rules that went with the award, including: reveal your inner most secrets on your blog; and nominate 15 other blogs.   What a surprise it was to find that not everyone was thrilled with my nomination!  That was before I’d learned that many bloggers are stricken with acute memophobia.  And while blogging awards are not memes in the strictest sense of the word, they are close enough to bring on panic attacks.

Last week, Older Eyes received the One Lovely Blog Award from a new subscriber, sharechair, who speaking modestly of herself, says, I’m not a tech wizard. Just an ordinary person who gets great enjoyment from today’s incredible technology.  And she shares her knowledge on her blog with emphasis on “old” friends.  The rules for the award are the usual: 1. Give credit to the awesome person who nominated you; 2. Describe 7 things about yourself; 3. Nominate 15 other bloggers.   I think I’ve already fulfilled number 1 but I’ll add this:  I am a tech wizard and the tips sharechair offers are very useful.

OK.  Seven things about myself:  1. I almost didn’t make it into this world.  My Mom had toxemia and it was touch and go;   2.  I had a feather collection when I was a boy.  I also collected rocks and stamps;  3.  My Mom sent me for dance lessons when I was in 8th grade because she was afraid I was behind socially;  4.  In college I proved she was wrong by being social chairman and president of my fraternity;   5.  I’ve run 13 marathons, done 15 triathlons and run countless 5Ks.  You’d never know it to look at me now;  6.  I’m a fanatical fan of University of Connecticut basketball and University of Southern California football;  7.  This will be my 920th post on Bud’s Blog.

OK.   Nominate 15 blogs.  I am not a prolific blog reader.  I’m not even consistent with the blogs on my Blogs I Read list, and I’ve already dragged most of them through the award process.  So, I decided to scour my list of wordpress subscribers for Lovely Blogs as a way of saying Thank You.   To be selected, the blog needed to be active and lovely in some way … its layout, its message, something.  Here are ten I like:

slapppshot – tales of a single Dad
thisisunedited – Life isn’t so much a puzzle as a plan
threeteensmom – frustrated writer attempting to be set free
courtingmadnessCoco J. Ginger Says
onlyhereonlynow – “The Present Moment” Book Project
redheadcarol – Notes from a caffeinated mind
handinhandwithspiritlife … the ups … the downs … the questions … the  possible answers
animal csiusing forensics to solve crimes against animals
inspired vision – a middle-aged woman with a lot to say
life in the boomer lane – musings of a former hula hoop champion

If you have a few moments to spare, take a look.   I’m not going to post comments on each of these blogs, but since they are subscribers … or if they follow their pingbacks … they may find your way here.  If so, congratulations on your Lovely Blog.

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3 Comments on “Lovely”

  1. Thank you for sharing these blogs, I’m currently looking for some good ones to read and this list was great!

  2. Congrats and well deserved! Thanks for some new blogs to explore

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