Road Trip Crazies

Muri and I have never been fond of road trips.  Getting older has not changed that … if anything, it’s made them harder.   Old bones don’t like being stuck in a car for hours on  end and register their displeasure by groaning and creaking when we finally do get out of the car.   Aging cardiovascular systems require frequent stops to keep the blood flowing in the legs, making long trips longer.   Yet here we are in our sixties, taking more road trips than ever.  If you are a regular here, you know why … grandkids* in nearby Phoenix.   That is not a choice of location that results in inspiring road trips, by the way … most of the trip is through the MFN**.

Take this week, for example.  The occasion was our grandkids traditional weekend before school mini-vacation (school starts early in AZ), this year at the Grand Canyon.   We spent well over 24 hours on the road, covering well over 1,400 miles.   Tuesday … 390 miles from our Big House in Anaheim Hills to our Little House in San Tan Valley with a stop to see you know who.   Thursday, from San Tan Valley to Flagstaff, 191 miles, then Friday another 157 miles to the Grand Canyon and back.  Saturday, on the 191 mile drive back to San Tan Valley, we got to experience our first haboob***, something that looks a lot scarier from a distance than close up.   And today, we’re headed off on what may be a very hot Date Drive back to Anaheim Hills (it’s supposed to be 108º in the desert today).  We’ll arrive at our Big House achy and tired probably with more than mild case of Road Trip Crazies****.   But we’ll be smiling and you know why:

* On the outside chance that my daughter reads this post – Yes, we come to see their parents, too.

** Middle of Freakin’ Nowhere … and I cleaned that up.

*** Haboob: an Arab word for a large dust storm.

**** Road Trip Crazies – a malady marked by supposedly mature adults imitating their grandkids continually, singing silly songs and laughing for no apparent reason.  A term also used to describe said supposedly mature adults.

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8 Comments on “Road Trip Crazies”

  1. granny1947 Says:

    I am also finding long trips are too much for me…old age is not for sissies.

  2. territerri Says:

    Sweet picture of you, Muri and the kids. Those smiles say it all! The kids LOVE you guys. They will have such great memories of time with their grandparents as they grow up. That’s got to make the aches and pains a bit easier to bear.

  3. I’m snickering a bit here right now about your post and the aches/pains and issues of aging of which you wrote and also Granny1947’s comment too. Yep, I agree completely with those problems. (Terri doesn’t count yet as she’s still too young to be bothered much with those things plus, she doesn’t have grandkids yet either.) But it is amazing isn’t it, the things we will do -or try to arrange -just for the grandkids -things we often wouldn’t have gone to such lengths to do for/with their parents! My son tells people that I am not the same person he grew up with and thankfully, I do agree with that theory of his. Grandchildren have helped me to discover a lot of patience I never had a couple decades ago! Great pic of you and Muri with those beautiful children!

    • oldereyes Says:

      I know I am not the same person. To some degree, aging just wears off the rough edges but I’ve also put a lot of work into self-improvement through the steps.

  4. Gorgeous photo – gorgeous family! 1,400 miles? That’s CRAZY!!!!

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