Monday Smiles – 7/23/2012

We arrived home last night from Arizona at eight-thirty pm and by the time we unloaded the car and settled in, it was ten … a late start on Monday Smiles with no ideas in hand.  Oh, yeah, I could post about our mini-vacation with my daughter’s family at the Grand Canyon … but I did that Saturday.   And I could post smiles about my grandkids but my Saturday and Sunday posts were full of those … and too much repetition makes Bud’s Blog a Bad Blog.  Then, I sat down at my office computer and up popped an Outlook Reminder: Read last year’s post, Hey Sixty-Eight  It turns out that a year ago, in response to a WordPress Daily Post Topic, I wrote a letter to myself to be read a year later.  Of course, I’d forgotten about it completely, which is why the Topic required that I set a reminder.  Here’s what it said:

Hey, Sixty-Eight,

I  suppose it’s unnecessary to say that I hope this letter finds you well but I also hope it finds you as happy as I am right now, still glowing from our vacation in Maui.  Of course, being in our sixties, we know that nothing is a sure thing, so I also hope you are sitting in our home office, reading this online and not intuiting it from somewhere out there in the ether or sensing it from some future life.  The trip from sixty-six to sixty-seven has been a good one, albeit with some bumps … mostly of the sad variety … along the way but I won’t offer you any advice.  Knowing us, you’re not only older than I am, you’re wiser, so I’ll offer some hopes instead.

I hope we’ve lived every moment between now and then.   Even at sixty-seven, I fight the sad times.   I hope you’ve learned to fight them a little less than I do, because to the degree that we rein in our sorrow, we limit our joy.  I hope our sorrows have been small ones and that whatever they are, we’ve leaned on the people we love as we’ve walked through them.  Old friends have been a blessing of having Older Eyes, so I hope we’ve talked to one every day.  I hope that we’ve used the memories of our Maui vacation to remind us to take more time to feed our soul with Muri by our side.  I hope we’ve listened to more music, stopped to admire more bluebirds in the park and written something from the heart every day.  I hope we’ve kissed our grandkids a million times and remembered to tell our kids we love them.  And I hope you are a kinder and gentler old fart than I am, that our Inner Curmudgeon is more of a stand-up comedy act for Bud’s Blog than who we are.   I hope our faith has continued to grow and that our doubts have dwindled.  Is that too much to hope for?  We’ll see.

So, the folks at The Daily Post tell me I have to set a reminder on my calendar for you to go back and read this in a year’s time.  So, don’t blow it off, OK?  And drop me a note, too.  Oh, yeah, by then, I’ll be you.  Never mind.

Love, Sixty-Seven

How did I do?   I think I’ve done almost everything I hoped for, including being a kinder, gentler old fart.  The Inner Curmudgeon seems less inclined to rant these days, and although my readers may miss him, Muri doesn’t.  I think our Maui vacation has continued to light our lives, reminding us that we can be happy together if we take the time, even when life is in session.   I’ve written something here every day with as much heart as I can manage, and if you’ve been following along, you know there’s been plenty of music, bluebirds and grandkids.  Faith seems to come more naturally and the doubts aren’t so much gone as unexamined.  If I had to pick a few areas for improvement, I’d talk to friends more often and tell my kids I love them more.  But all in all, we’ve done a good job with what life’s presented, Sixty-Seven.  Nice work.  It’s Monday … we’re smiling.

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2 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 7/23/2012”

  1. Oh my goodness! That is so flippen cool! What an awesome idea too! You rock, Bud!

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