Friday Favorites 8/3/2012

I suspect that every American male has lusted for a recliner.   It may be the ultimate piece of American male furniture.   Of course, there’s one small problem for some of us guys … recliners are, in general, ugly.  Even I can see that.  Some guys have wives who don’t mind a fashion faux pas in their family room and others have a man cave in their basement, so they get their recliners.  I’ve got Muri and California has no basements.   Hence, for years, Older Eyes had no recliner.  When we moved from Yorba Linda to Anaheim Hills ten years ago, we had the rare opportunity to completely refurnish our home.   And as we were redecorating our family room in the Mission style, there was a miracle.  There in an EasyBoy showroom was a leather Mission-style chair and … hello … it was a recliner.  And Muri liked it!

I knew my new recliner was the perfect wife-approved man-chair when my Dad made his only visit to our Anaheim Hills house.  He made a beeline for my new recliner and it was his for the duration of his stay.  So, this week’s Friday Favorite is my favorite chair.  My favorite place to watch USC kick UCLA’s ass and to see Michel Phelps beat Ryan Lochte in the 200M IM.   My favorite place to take that sixty-something afternoon nap and my favorite place to blog.

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2 Comments on “Friday Favorites 8/3/2012”

  1. Cheryl P. Says:

    You are indeed gifted as you recognize that recliners are ugly.

    Currently we are waiting on some furniture to be made for our family room that is on the basement level of our home. After traipsing all over KC for the perfect furniture, then picking out the perfect fabric…hubby and I have come to a consensus that Cheryl gets what she wants and that doesn’t include a recliner. He did try to pursuade me on the Lazyboy “looks like a chair but still has to have 18 inches away from the wall to work” model of recliner. No go. I am pretty sure he can take his nap on our “will be here in 8-10 weeks”sofa.

    As recliners go…I will say yours in nice. Thats the best I can muster, Bud. I am, however, happy that it makes you happy.

  2. Comfort by far, in my opinion, outweighs beauty/fashion/style -whatever you care to call it that comes from a recliner! The recliner (and we are down to only one now in our living room here) is MY chair and the grandkids know when they see me walk into the living room that if they happen to be parked in Gram’s chair that they’d best make a very speedy exit from it too! The dog tries to get me to allow him to share it with me but he too gets the boot, as do the cat, Pearl, and the kitten, Tavia! Yes, I am addicted to my recliner with my own end table, loaded with either my embroidery stuff, or the current book I’m reading, or some cookbooks I’m perusing, or the newspaper or tv guide and of course, the remote control goes on my table too! I don’t see it as a sexist item, not in the least! It’s also often my bed some evenings too.

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