On a Warm August Evening

My Monday nights are usually spent writing a post for Blog Dumps Top Sites Tuesday meme, in which we offer Two Thoughts on Tuesday.  You can usually find me sitting in my recliner, TV on in the background, trying to string two thoughts from my day into several hundred reasonably entertaining words.   Last night, I had the Olympics on until gymnastics started (I had no desire to see Gabby fall short on the uneven bars) … and now it’s The Sum of All Fears droning toward nuclear disaster.  But it’s eleven fifteen and I’m just starting my TST #163 post.  No, I don’t have posters block.   You see, Saturday is our 44th wedding anniversary.  Yes, 44 years.  After 44 years, Muri and I agree, we have most everything we want, at least of those things money can buy.  We have many of the things it can’t buy, too.  So we decided, no extravagant gifts this year and no exotic anniversary vacations.  But come on … Thought Number Onewe can’t celebrate 44 years without something special!  I’ve been hunting online for two weeks for that something with no success … and that’s what I was doing online all night.  But tonight?  Jackpot.

So, what did I find?  Let me toss a few hints.  It’s August.   And it’s really been hot here in Socal, particularly at night.  Got it yet?  OK, does this mean anything to you?

OK, one more.  The Greek Theater.  If you don’t have it now, you’re too young to remember.   I found tickets to the Greek Theater’s 40th Anniversary Celebration of the original Neil Diamond Hot August Night featuring the man himself.  On our Anniversary.  Of course, the man is a bit older but so are we.

So Saturday night, it’s Sweet CarolineI am I SaidComin’ to America … and my favorite,

Thought Number TwoThe anniversary of one of the iconic events in music … what a perfect way to celebrate our anniversary.   And a perfect topic for my TST post, too.   You can make it a little more perfect by clicking my button … gently … to make me Number One on Top Sites Tuesday #163.

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6 Comments on “On a Warm August Evening”

  1. cherperz Says:

    That is an awesome gift. Wayne and I have gone to a couple of Neil Diamond concerts and he put on a fabulous show. (it’s been a while so I am assuming his shows are still great)

    Congrats on the upcoming anniversary. We are right behind you at 41 years. Does it feel like a long time to you? Some days, I just can’t believe where the years went. I love to see people with long marriages that are happy. You get an extra click for that.

    • liggybee Says:

      Wow, that’s cool! I like a lot of Neil Diamond songs…I can actually sing along to many of them (although I wouldn’t recommend listening to me sing). Haha…and by the way, congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. That’s awesome. You do deserve and extra click! 🙂

  2. Trina Says:

    How awesome! Now, I did have to wait for you to tell me who you were going to see, but what a perfect gift! A romantic evening with a nice “romantic” singer on your 44th Anniversary.

    Congratulations on being an amazing couple, many people will never know what it’s like to be in a relationship that long…. and still obviously be in love 🙂

    Clicks! Have fun on your Anniversary!

  3. Paul Says:

    Hi Bud

    Oh – Memories at the Greek Theater takes me back a few years!

    What a great idea, you get an A++ for that one I’m sure.
    Have a great time and Happy Anniversary to you both 🙂


  4. I. LOVE. “Brother Love’s Travelin’ Salvation Show.” It’s my favorite Neil Diamond song ever. Now I’m singing it. Which gets me out of singing stuff from “A Chorus Line,” which has been on a loop in my head since I learned that Marvin Hamlisch died yesterday. Sigh. “Roooommm gets suddenly still and when you’d almost bet you could hear yourself sweat… he walks in.” Oooh. Neil. Do it again.

    I just totally creeped myself out.

    • oldereyes Says:

      Oh. Do it again. Steely Dan. Deacon Blues. “They got a name for the winners in the world,
      I want a name when I lose.” I have a feeling we could do song association for pages, though I’d probably not know some of your artists.

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