What It Is

More and more often, I’ve been leaving my Wednesday post … usually on art or writing … for Wednesday morning, something I rarely did in my first two years of blogging.   Am I becoming more relaxed about the whole thing … or a little burned out after posting almost every day for a year and a half?  That depends on which Wednesday you ask.  Last night, it was burned out … nothing came to mind.  The plan was to write something first thing today.  But today started with a call from my sometimes employer, a company that places experts for short term jobs like consulting on legal cases and evaluation of technologies.  It looks like I have another assignment, although one never knows until the signatures are on the page. Between my hourly rate and what they charge for placing me, there can be sticker shock to someone not used to employing experts.  I’m worth it, not just because I really am an expert but because I work very hard for my clients.

So, here I am with only an hour to post and … still … nothing in mind.  But I haven’t posted something from my Art Journal in a long time and a picture is worth a thousand words.   But a picture of what?  Just as Julia Cameron encourages us to let the writing in Morning Pages go where it will in The Artist’s Way, Maureen Carey, Raymond Fox and Jacqueline Penney suggest letting the painting paint itself in The Artful Journal – A Spiritual Quest.  Just as free-form words release thoughts that might otherwise stay hidden, free-form painting can release feelings that can’t find their way to words.  And I never have to figure out What It Is.  But I think what it’s about is the notion that both the bright times and dark times contribute to the texture of a life.

What It Is? – Watercolor and Ink

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2 Comments on “What It Is”

  1. I tend to reassess my blogging from time to time and, as usually happens, it is a case of good intentions that I will sit and write something reasonable and readable and pithy and well, all that stuff, ya know. But then reality sets in full force upon me and my lackadasical or perhaps non-existent organizational skills take over and voila -I am left to sit and read others posts and nothing relevant or responsible much less readable of my own! At least you’ve been very consistent in your postings. Wish I could say the same for myself here!

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