Friday Favorites – 8/17/2012

When I finish proofreading … or even writing … a post in the morning and push the publish button on my WordPress dashboard, I get to see a graph of how many posts I’ve published.  This is number 950.  Of those posts, 102 have been Friday Favorites.   Two weeks ago, when I posted my weekly Monday Smiles, my smiles were for Monday Smiles, the way posting about things that make me smile pull me away from the Dark Side.  So, this week, to celebrate 950 posts, my Friday Favorite is Friday Favorites.  That it can be a favorite says a lot about why I blog.   My Friday Favorites get, I think, the least comments on Bud’s Blog and I’d guess, the least views.  These days, as my number of subscribers has grown, I seem to get more Likes than comments anyway.   But it doesn’t matter … like Monday Smiles, Friday Favorites are mostly for me.   They give me a chance to savor the things I love, from the simplest favorite, like favorite number and colors, to the most significant, like my favorite day ever.  In telling you why they are favorites, I get to tell myself … again.   In researching background for the posts, I learn facts I didn’t know about the subject matter.  Learning keeps this old brain nimble and this old guy happy.   So, there you go … Friday Favorites are this Friday’s Favorites.

OK, my favorite Favorite is probably Friday Favorites 7/15/2011 which I posted last year on one of my best Fridays ever, with Muri for her birthday in Maui.  I also like this video of my some of my favorite photos, accompanied by music by my favorite jazz group, Acoustic Alchemy, originally posted in Friday Favorites 11/4/2011.

Thanks for stopping by.

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4 Comments on “Friday Favorites – 8/17/2012”

  1. Watchoot Says:

    Enjoyed your video, great photographs, a very relaxing 3mins 39secs.

  2. territerri Says:

    Fridays just seem to be light days for blogging and comments. And some of us are always just trying to catch up and never quite succeeding. 🙂

    Love the video!

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