Monday Smiles – 8/20/2012

For weeks, while the rest of the country has sweltered in abnormally high summer temperatures, I’ve been enjoying temperate eighties here in Socal.  some might say I’ve been gloating.  Well, no more.  A high pressure system has brought us hot (100 plus) and humid (for us) weather.  Muri and I have both found that at our ages (she’s much younger than I am), the heat tires us out.  And so, when the hot season does arrive, we look for the magic words … air-conditioned … on our activities.  One casualty of the hot weather are our trips to the park.   I may go early to get in my Morning Pages and a short (aren’t they all these days) bike ride, and we both may go in the late evening to schvitz our way through a walk but mostly, we stay at home.  Air-conditioned.  Perhaps just a bit more than California’s demand response campaign would recommend in their Flex-Alert.  We’re old, OK?  Don’t quite understand what they’re talking about.

I’m not complaining.  We have a beautiful house to be stuck inside and we both have plenty of interests.  But it’s not our routine, and, as you may have noticed, Younger Eyes, we older folk love our routines.  Yes, you say you’ll never be like that … I did … but you will.  And we did enough to keep the weekend interesting and fill a week of posts, besides.  Friday, we did a late afternoon date to see a Jack Goldstein Retrospective at the Orange County Museum of Art (which will be the subject of this Wednesday’s post … hurry back) then went to J. T. Schmid’s Restaurant and Brewery for an appetizer dinner (yes, I had a beer, an Emil’s Amber).  Saturday, I made it to the park early enough to write my Morning Pages and get in an hour bike ride.  Too long, too hot, by the way … long nap required.   Still, I hung around for a couple of hours and in the summer, our park is like a large free-form theater, interesting characters coming and going.  There’ll probably be a post (rant?) on park people before this week ends.  Saturday after my nap, I did something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, drag out my Martin guitar and some sheet music and start playing again.  Playing = strumming chords but I like it.  Saturday night, we saw The Bourne Legacy, a completely adequate Damon-less sequel to the other Bourne movies.  Sunday we spent the day in … I finished Tom Knox’s The Genesis Secret.   It was one of those books you finish to find out what happens, knowing you’re going to be unsatisfied.  Very gory, too.  I picked a little bit on the guitar (I forgot how sore your fingers can get!) and worked on my program for the upcoming Men’s Retreat, which I’ll lead.   After dinner, afraid of going stir crazy, Muri and I went to the park for a mini-walk then out for a frozen yogurt.   Whew.  Tired.

So, here I am, watching one of my favorite comedies, Bruce Almighty.   Like most of my favorite comedies, there’s something hiding under the laughs, in this case, a view of God that’s not too far from what I’ve come to working the 12 Steps.   And I absolutely love Morgan Freeman in his white suit as God.

A nice, low key weekend … and now, it’s Monday.   It’s still freakin’ hot.   But I’m smiling.

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3 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 8/20/2012”

  1. cherperz Says:

    I’m sorry that the heat has come your way. Things are still hot and dry here but it it better, We are cooling off some at night and the daytime highs are now in the 90’s.

    I agree with you about “I shouldn’t be complaining (not that I don’t) when we have lovely air conditioned homes complete with all the trappings to make us comfortable and happy. Back to the complaining part though…after 57 days above 90 degrees I am really wanting to see some cooling Fall-like temps.

  2. territerri Says:

    I think you got our heat. It suddenly feels like early fall here. Sorry to hear the heat is interfering with your routine. Sounds like you did a good job of working around the disruption, but I hope you don’t have to do that for too many more days.

  3. Rick Gleason Says:

    “Yes, you say you’ll never be like that … I did … but you will.” Great line Bud and so, so true. Youth is wasted on the wrong people, that’s for sure! (Another great line from a movie.)

    Great scene too from Bruce Almighty.

    Thank you!

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