Up and Down

It has been a crazy week.   Starting the week, I was semi-retired with just one low-pressure contract with a long time client.   Then we called a potential customer to discuss an idea we had for improving his radar.   We’re not radar guys but we’ve done some similar work underwater with sonar, which works similarly …. radar uses radio waves, sonar uses sound.  He liked our idea, so now, we’re writing a proposal due in three weeks.  The same day, I was retained as an expert to help an investment firm evaluate a company they might buy.  The next day, I spoke to another company interested in using me as an expert on medical ultrasound.  Thursday, we had a status call with our formerly low-pressure customer and discovered we need to be done sooner than expected.  Suddenly, I was unretired. Yikes!  By the end of the week, both expert opportunities have faded, at least for now, and I was back to busy but semi-retired.  Life’s like that sometimes.  It’s good not to over-react but not always possible.

The whole ride has left me tired and postless.  So, this is an Older Eyes day off.  Yes, I know, it’s a bit compulsive to post a day-off post.   Muri and I are headed to the University of Southern California campus … with 106,000 other fans … to see USC open their season against Hawaii.  We (yes, I went there … no, I’m not on the team) are favored by 41 points.  If you’re looking for us, we’ll be right here, in the cheap seats.

I’ll probably be back tomorrow with something to say.  Unless we lose, in which case I’ll be sitting shiva.

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2 Comments on “Up and Down”

  1. I’m watching “you” play right now. This game is incredibly boring, Bud. Is there no mercy rule in college football? 😉

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