Oh, Noooooo …

This is not how you want to end your day.   You want to believe it’s some mistake, that good ol’ Windows 7 got confused and thought it found an error.  You restart your computer, and there it is again.   Like any good computer geek, you Google Windows detected a hard disk problem, hoping against hope that someone will tell you that its Microsoft’s problem, that it’s a spurious error message.  No such luck.  The consensus of the geek sites is that your hard drive is failing.  Shit. So you back up everything using Windows Backup (being sure to include a system image) and you make sure you’ve created Windows Recovery Discs to allow you to boot up on a new hard drive.   Tomorrow morning, you’ll open your Acer Aspire AX1301 Desktop and find a replacement hard drive online.   It will arrive on Monday and you’ll work on your laptop until then.   It’s not the end of the world.

But you hate it.  But you’d hate it more if your backups weren’t current.  Have you backed up your system lately?

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6 Comments on “Oh, Noooooo …”

  1. Cheryl P. Says:

    Shit for sure…I bought external hard drives for both my laptop and my desktop as I expect at some point any computer might fail. It might not be the end of the world but still a total aggravation. Isn’t your computer nearly new?

    • oldereyes Says:

      It’s a couple of years old. There have been weird happenings on this computer … I think it has a poltergeist.

      • cherperz Says:

        I have had a couple of computers that were “posessed” from the start. Perhaps the trick is finding the right geek that knows how to do an effective exorcism.

  2. Paul Kinder Says:

    Bud, you gotta love that wordpress keeps your blogs in the “cloud”, what else matters 🙂

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