Sunday Glooms

It’s Sunday morning.  I usually post something on spirituality on Sunday morning.  Quite honestly, I just don’t feel like it.  We are having a heat wave here in Socal that’s kept us close to home, and as much as I love our Big House in the Hills (name invented by our grandkids), I’m getting cabin fever.  I am behind on a proposal we are writing that is primarily my responsibility.  Full retirement would be a more attractive option if only it paid better … or writing, if it paid at all.   I built my Saturday around watching my USC Trojans play Stanford yesterday and we lost.  I am a sore loser.  How unspiritual.  I’ve got the Sunday Glooms.

There was a time in my life when I would marinate in these gloomy times, thinking I had to wait them out until they passed naturally.  A mood was something I was in, not something I could control.  I was entitled to my moods.   I’ve learned otherwise.  I can take action to climb out of my moods and writing this ramble, dear readers, is the first step.   Roughly twenty years ago I was going through a similar time and I called my brand-new 12-Step sponsor.  Just do the Next Indicated Thing, he told me.  Writing this post is the first of what will be a day of Next Indicated Things and I’m already feeling a little better.  I find it is easiest to do the Next Indicated Thing if I have a list … otherwise, I tend to free run and find myself engaged in things that don’t hold my attention, like watching a pro football game I don’t care about.  I have a friend who suggests making a list, numbering it from hardest to easiest, then doing the hardest first.  Personally, I need to start easy … or at least interesting, like writing a blog post.

If this doesn’t sound very spiritual, consider the Zen saying I’ve quoted here before: Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.  After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.  Doing the Next Indicated Thing … whether it’s chopping wood or writing a post … promotes mindfulness.  And for me, spirituality is rooted in staying in the present moment, and … particularly when I’ve got the Sunday Glooms … I do that better by doing the Next Indicated Thing.   Thanks for joining me.

What’s your Next Indicated Thing?

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3 Comments on “Sunday Glooms”

  1. territerri Says:

    I haven’t learned to control my moods very well. And when I’m down, I tend to wallow in it. But reading your advice, I realize the “next indicated thing” does tend to put me on the path to normal again. Taking a shower and getting back into a daily routine helps.

  2. For me, today, the next indicated thing was to finally get caught up on my blog reader stuff! Almost there now too. Yippy skippy! Then, I can start all over again but hopefully not let it get this far behind.

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