Monday Smiles – 9/24/2012

It has been a long time since I’ve had a working weekend.  I thought semi-retired and working weekend were supposed to be mutually exclusive.  OK, I really didn’t think that but I like to say mutually exclusive.  As you know if you’ve been here in the last few days, I had a proposal due today and, as the book leader, I’m responsible for the final edit and uploading it to the customer website.  There was a time in my history when proposals had to be finished days early so they could be mailed … or were hand carried via airline at the last minute.  Quaint, don’t you think?  So, this is better.  And Friday, I received an email from the attorney I’ve been retained by as an expert to review some additional documents.  Yes, after years as an employee, I like to say retained by, too.  But I’m busy.

Still, Date Night is Date Night and with some late nights to finish up the proposal, we managed to have fun, too.  Saturday night, we had dinner at Islands and then saw the new film, The Trouble with the Curve, starring Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams.  Critics, 51% of whom gave it a negative review, said it was plodding but good-hearted, but the plodding but good-hearted, mostly gray-haired audience, us included, seemed to enjoy it.  As a man who loved The Graduate and A Man and a Woman in my twenties find it sad that films with a brain and a heart and no violence draw few younger patrons.  Sunday, we got half-price tickets on Goldstar to the premier of Overlooked at the Chance Theater, an interesting new play by Brian Nelson.  In Overlooked, installation artist, Cooper K, whose career has fallen on hard times, recruits a homeless man, Rail,  he picks up near the freeway to sit in the gallery and beg.  His installation is indeed a hit, but it brings surprising consequences for the Cooper and Rail, as well as interesting insights into how we see artists and the homeless.  I liked it a lot … Muri said it was well-done but too depressing.  One of our differences is that I see the humor in dark situations and she doesn’t, which is fine.  The Chance Theater is amazing.   After the theater, we picked up dinner for four at BJs Grill and took it to our friends’ house, since one of them has been having trouble with vertigo and hasn’t been able to go out much.  We had a fun evening catching up on each other’s lives while trying to keep their Labs away from Muri, who’s afraid of big dogs.  Of course, they were most interested in the one person who didn’t want to pet them.

So, it’s Monday.  It was a good if busy weekend for work and play.  The proposal is ready to upload.  Now, all I need is a nap.  But I’m smiling.

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2 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 9/24/2012”

  1. Coming East Says:

    It was nice that you were able to get some fun time in with the working, Bud. I’m very happy being retired, but I sure would like to make a little extra money, as long as I didn’t have to work too hard. I don’t even mind working hard, as long as it’s on my terms.

  2. I definitely want to see the movie “The Trouble with the Curve,” I never listen to the critics.

    “It’s sad that films with a brain and a heart and no violence draw few younger patrons” – That’s the truth.

    And hooray for naps and smiles.

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