Do You?

Just a few questions today.
No pressure.
No right answers.

You’re in the produce department of your local market.  A king-sized hot house tomato rolls spontaneously off the counter.  Shoppers turn at the sound of the plop on the floor then pretend they didn’t see anything.  Do you: (a) ignore it, too; or (2) pick it up and put it back?

You’re driving home from the gas station.  On the corner of La Palma and Weir Canyon Boulevard is a woman in her fifties holding a sign: Out of work and destitute.  Please help.   Do you find yourself more inclined to give her something because she’s a woman?   Do you?

You’re coming out of a restaurant with your spouse.  As you open the door, a young woman carrying several wrapped gifts enter.  Your spouse, surprised, looks at the gifts and says, Oh, thank you.  You shouldn’t have.  The young woman gives your spouse a condescending look then pushes by without a hint of a smile.  Do you (a) ignore her and go about you business; or (b) say to her, Wow.  You certainly have a marvelous sense of humor?

You are about to make a left turn into the park.  When you pull into the left turn lane, a woman in a huge SUV is is stopped ahead of you, even though there’s no traffic.  After about fifteen seconds, you realize that she’s texting.  Do you: (a) just pull around her and go to the park; (b) pull around her, flipping her off as you go by; or, (c) lean on your horn until she moves?

You’re in the local fast food restaurant, waiting for your senior large drink and order of fries.  A Fortyish woman dressed like a teenager comes to the counter with a teenage daughter dressed like a hooker in tow.  She orders half a dozen items with special instructions for each, speaking to the young Hispanic woman behind the counter as if she’s a servant.  Do you: (a) mind your own business and walk away, seething; or (b) look her right in the eye and say, Don’t you ever say please?

Like I say, no right answers.  But some days, deciding Do You? is harder than others.

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3 Comments on “Do You?”

  1. Oh, fun! Okay, let’s see:
    -I put the tomato back.
    -I don’t know that intersection, but I’m not necessarily more inclined to help because she’s a woman. I tend to go with my gut and help whenever I can, whomever it is.
    -I ingore her
    -I need a D option. I honk, but I don’t lean on the horn.
    -I mind my own business but I’m extra nice to the cashier when it’s my turn.

    • oldereyes Says:

      We agree on 3. Actually 2 and two halves. I suppose the woman thing is because I’m a man. And … I flip her off as I pull around. Not proud of that but it’s what I did in the moment. Inner Curmudgeon, you know.

  2. 1. I pick it up and put it back.

    2. No.

    3. Say nothing, smile, and walk away.

    4. Lay in the horn until she moves.

    5. mind my own business.

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