Friday Favorites 9/29/2012

Muri and I were married in August of 1968.  Even though we came from different religious backgrounds, we had similar values, including a belief in the sanctity of marriage and a desire to have children.  As many couples did then, we postponed having children while we began our careers and put some money in the bank, by means, of course, of the ubiquitous Pill.  We blithely assumed that when we were ready, Muri would stop taking the pill  and … bingo … she’d be pregnant.  We blithely assumed wrong.  By 1972, we had given up on conceiving and decided to adopt.  In 1974, we adopted a round little baby boy we named Aaron Francis and five years later, we adopted a baby girl who we called Amy Michelle.

When this posts, we will be in Arizona to take care of our grandkids while their parents escape for an overnight.  I’ve posted quite often here about how much joy I get from my grandkids, how much easier it is to love them unconditionally when you’re old enough to know that every little bump in their childhood doesn’t send them careening off to disaster.   I was thinking today about Aaron and Amy when they were the same age as my grandkids are now … and how, as much as I loved them then, I’d like to able to go back thirty-something years and look at them, even for a few minutes, with these Older Eyes.  Of course, that’s not going to happen but there are always photo albums full of pictures taken with cameras that used something called film … and produced photos on paper called prints … that can be scanned onto a computer and included in a blog post.  So, this week’s Friday Favorites are my favorite pictures of me and our kids way back then.

Aaron and Dad, Big Bear Lake circa 1981

Amy and Dad in front of our house, circa 1984

Have a great weekend.

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2 Comments on “Friday Favorites 9/29/2012”

  1. cherperz Says:

    AWWW, Bud, that is so nice. It would be fun to go back to spend some time with our kids with the advantage of our Older Eyes.

    Have a great time with your grandchildren. Travel safe.

  2. Good Deed Says:

    Now I see what is waiting for me when I will be similar age to yours. Thanks my friend for showing me something what’s waiting me, but I never taught like that. Thanks for making my thinking wider…
    Will be here sometimes…

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