Monday Smiles – 10/1/2012

If you were here at Bud’s Blog last week, you know that we were in Arizona for the weekend to take care of our grandkids while their parents had a child-free overnight.   And if you are a regular here, you know that for the most part, we avoid Arizona in the summer, in spite of the grandkids, because of the brutal heat, sometimes pushing 120°.  The forecast for San Tan Valley is 105°, so you can probably guess we’re headed home to Anaheim Hills where the forecast is … 104º.  So much for cooling off.  And if you are regular for Monday Smiles (where I take a weekly stand against my Dark Side), you know that on any Monday we’ve been in Arizona the odds are 20:1 that those grandkids are my Monday Smiles.

I suppose I noticed it with my children but I see it more in my grandkids: once they start school, they start that long progression to being adults.  They become little people with their own personalities and interests.  It is a fun process to watch, particularly as grandparents, but it means that they don’t dote on us quite as much as they used to.  They sometimes go off to play on their own.  They have activities like dance, football and soccer.   When we take them to McDonald’s for lunch, they disappear into the playground for the duration, returning only to take a bite of burger and tell us they’ve made new friends.   But they still love undivided attention, stories and pretending (which we have plenty of, particularly when their parents are away).   They love to talk (all at once) and we still love to listen.   So, it’s Monday.  We’re headed home, hot and tired.  We’ll be laughing about their antics all the way home.   And we’ll be smiling.

Reed and Maddux



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6 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 10/1/2012”

  1. Oy vey, I can’t stand that kind of heat! But your grandkids are soooooo cute! And that would certainly put a smile on my face too!

  2. cherperz Says:

    Your grandkids are ADORABLE!!! Wasn’t heading home bittersweet? I love being around grandkids but do you and Muri get as tired and Wayne and I do?

    • oldereyes Says:

      Normally, we don’t see them the day we leave because it makes me to sad on the drive home. Yes, they absolutely wear us out. They are always going and always talking and keeping up with the three of them, even just listening to everything they have to say is exhausting. But it’s the best tired in the world.

  3. territerri Says:

    I know I say this every time you write about the grandkids, but I can’t help repeating myself. Those kids are adorable! Who could help but smile back at such innocent, beautiful, happy faces? You are a fortunate man to be there Papa!

  4. territerri Says:


    Sheesh! 🙂

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