Thinking Unsuccessfully


My Monday was spent closing up our Little House in the Desert, meeting my daughter and our grandkids for lunch, then driving a mind-numbing seven and a half hours through the Middle of Freakin’ Nowhere (MFN) to our house in Anaheim Hills.  Once we got home, two hours in my recliner yielded a half-written post for Top Sites Tuesday #171, the meme where we get to (some days, it feels like have to) offer our Two Thoughts on Tuesday.  It was based on the interesting new film, Looper, a mind-bending time travel drama.  Excellent film, by the way, but the post was so boring, even I wouldn’t read it.  About 11:30 pm, I gave up on time travel and read the headlines online, hoping that something would incite my Inner Curmudgeon.   Not tonight, Dude, my Inner Curmudgeon mumbled.  Not after seven hours in the MFN.   OK, I’ll do it in the morning, I thought, making note of an article in the Wall Street Journal about Samsung suing Apple for using its patented LTE mobile phone technology.  What could be more interesting than two smartphone giants, fighting like children for our mobile phone billions?  Well, of course, the Apple and anti-Apple readers, leaving emotional but uninformed comments.   Lying awake in bed, I outlined what sounded like a fun a post in my head but this morning, when I began to write it, my Inner Curmudgeon whispered, Mind-numbing.  So, for Thought Number One, you get to choose: either one of two seemingly interesting (but ultimately not) post topics (that you are welcome to steal) … or … no thought at all.

As to Thought Number Two, I spent roughly six hours of what’s left of my life watching golf’s Ryder Cup this weekend, hoping that the U.S. Team would somehow manage to win back the cup.  In case you don’t know, they didn’t, wilting under the pressure of a charge by the European team on the final day.  I kept thinking, Here I am, wasting my afternoon watching 24 impossibly rich men hit a little white ball in a hole and I’m cheering like an idiot.   A little national pride will do that to me.  After all, I watch men throw sticks and balls … and little girls jump around on wooden bars … every four years, don’t I?   Then, over breakfast this morning, I read the Ryder Cup Preview in my copy of ESPN Magazine.   What I discovered is that not only could I have saved six hours of my time (ESPN picked the Euros), I discovered that half of the European team lives in the United States.  They are Einos … Euros in Name Only.  So, strictly speaking, we won anyway.  Take that, Euros.  That would be Thought Number Two.  And this would be the end of this post, with a request that you push my button … gently … to make me Number One on Top Sites Tuesday #171.  Or you can have double your money back.

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4 Comments on “Thinking Unsuccessfully”

  1. Cheryl P. Says:

    Will the Samsung vs Apple War never end? Just a month ago Apple won a 1.05 Billion dollar award from Apple and now Samsung is going after some retribution. Really, this should be made into a reality TV show.

    The sports teams are a bit confusing these days. With all the foreign players on US teams and all the US players on foreign teams, I am conflicted on who to cheer for. Oh wait…I am conflicted on about everything.


    • Cheryl P. Says:

      I just realized that I typed Apple won a lawsuit from Apple. Of course, I meant Apple won 1.05 Billion from Samsung and it is time for Samsung to do the same to Apple.

  2. liggybee Says:

    That Samsung and Apple thing sure is something. I just dunno…there are so many inventions and things out there today that incorporate a little something out of another previous invention and I doubt the originators got anything like Apple did. I suppose they just didn’t try to sue for it either. But either way, those companies sure must make a lot of money for that kind of money to be awarded in court. All I can say is Sheesh!

    I hope you got enough rest by now! (Cick!)

  3. Wolfbernz Says:


    Some days thoughts are too difficult to come by LOL Especially when you are tired.

    Smart phone wars almost seem like another ploy for fame… Billions of dollars seem like pennies to them and their names are in the front headlines all the time.

    Clicks for you!

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