Mobile Mishaps

I’ve written here before about how we … most of us, anyway … take our mobile devices for granted.  Not me.  As a survivor of the world of dial telephones, room-sized computers and ten pound portable radios, I marvel almost daily at the technology I carry in my pocket.    Remember Roledex files?  My Samsung Galaxy II Skyrocket does it.   How about Franklin planners?  Ditto.  Once I delighted in CDs and a portable CD players, now, my entire music collection travels with me on my phone.   The TI-30 Scientific Calculator that changed engineering is now an app in my Galaxy II.  Maps … you know, the paper kind … an app that not only automatically finds the exact address I want, it doesn’t require folding.  I can make dinner  reservations, check on my USC Trojans, find cheap gas (well, cheaper), and either text or call a friend without lifting a finger.   But as much as I love the technology on this Top Sites Tuesday #175, sometimes, it makes things too easy.  Let me offer two examples … and Two Thoughts … on Tuesday.

Last night, as I was finishing up my Monday Smiles post, the house phone rang.  Yes, we are dinosaurs … we still have a land line.  It was exactly 12:33 am.  We’ll get back to how I know the time so precisely in a moment.   Midnight calls always scare the hell out of us.  By the time I put down my laptop and climbed out of my recliner, Muri, who’d been sleeping, had answered.   I dashed upstairs to see who it was … They hung up, she said.  Is Aaron home?  He was.  Probably just a wrong number, I said, Go back to sleep.  But just to be sure, I checked the caller ID on the office phone.  Shit.  It was a number I knew well: mine.  I checked my Galaxy SII … outgoing call at 12:33 am.   I’d pocket dialed our home phone.  Yes, I told Muri .. after a while.  So, there you go … Thought Number One … we never pocket dialed anyone with those old dial telephones.

Not convinced?   OK, twice a year, I attend a weekend retreat with my Thursday Night Men’s Group.   In spite of the busy schedule, I try to either call or text Muri several times during the weekend.  Last year, on Saturday night, I sent her a text at about nine o’clock.   The retreat is going well but I miss you, it said.  I love you a lot.   Almost instantaneously, I got a text back.   I didn’t know, Bud.  Thanks.  I love you, too.  I looked at the name on the text … my friend, Randy, who was in a meeting room down the hall.   Needless to say, I was required to endure endless kidding.   See?  Thought Number Two ... I never misaddressed a love letter, either.

Of course, I never had a blog back in the old days and, although I might have had Two Thoughts on Tuesday, I didn’t have anyplace to post them. So I get it.  Most of this technology is good.  Like the amazing Human-Computer Interface that let’s you push my button … gently … to make me Number One on Top Sites Tuesday #175.

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4 Comments on “Mobile Mishaps”

  1. I also treasure all of the new technology, I think it is wonderful! I know people do not understand how the old stuff was and how long it would take to do something.

    Here’s your click …………..

    Love and Blessings,

  2. cherperz Says:

    I, too, love all the new techy stuff. Maybe the fact we lived through the days of the TI 30s (I still have mine), the room size computers, and would most people even remember the slide rule. It make us more appreciative of the convenience of a little computer that fits in our pockets. I will tell you, however, there are days that I miss the simplicity of “not” having everyone walking around preoccupied with their devices. For every up side there is a down side, I guess.


  3. Wolfbernz Says:

    Hi Bud,

    Ahh, the famous butt dialing phone. No, I don’t remember the house phones doing that, but being on the receiving end of butt dials it is quite entertaining. Poor Auntie called us and we missed the call, she left a 20 minute message of her getting of work, getting in her car, singing along to the radio, getting gas at the full service station, more singing…. We still tease her about it over 6 years later.

    Clicks for you!

  4. Trina Says:

    Mobil mishaps are really fun as long as you aren’t the person making the mishap. Texting mishaps are great too, like when you accidentally reply to all other recipients of a text message. An inside joke can make you look really silly to people who don’t know you.

    But yeah, times were much more simple once, without cells and texting and emails….


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