Goodbye to Cool

brubeckIt seems ironic that a mere three weeks after I posted about seeing the Dave Brubeck Quartet at Yale University way back in 1962, the man himself would pass away on the way to a cardiologist appointment on December 5.  I would not count myself as a long time Dave Brubeck fan, but for a brief, bright time in the early 1960s, he was one of my favorite artists, drawing me into serious jazz with recordings like Time Out and Time Further Out.  And I know that my life would have been less colorful without jazz contributing to my personal soundtrack … and less joyful, too.  Recently, I had found some of Brubeck’s solo piano recordings, made while he was in his late eighties.  Time had softened his touch on the keyboard and his improvisations seemed less complex, revealing a more lyrical side of his artistry. You can read about Brubeck here if you are interested.  I’m just posting a few of his tunes as my personal goodbye to a man who led me to the music I love.

This version of All My Love, which he dedicated to his wife, was recorded by his Quartet in 2001 at the Burghausen Jazz Festival in Germany when Brubeck was eighty years old.  Bobby Militello plays the sax solo.

This second song is the title track from Brubeck’s last solo studio album, Indian Summer. recorded in 2007.   Please take the time to listen as a tribute to one of our jazz greats.

Good-bye, Dave Brubeck.  Thank you for one of the coolest nights of my youth.  Thanks for the music you made and the music you led me to.  Rest in peace.

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3 Comments on “Goodbye to Cool”

  1. the only way to process life is beautiful jazz playing in the background. thanks for posting this.

  2. In his later years, Brubeck wrote classical/choral music. I was fortunate to sing some of it, and he guested with my choir a time or two after I was no longer a member. By all accounts, one of the good guys. Sad to see him go.

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