Friday Favorites 12/14/2012

radioOne of my favorite things is finding musical artists I enjoy that I haven’t heard before.  For most of my life, there were 2 ways I found new artists: listening to the radio on my commute to work; and hanging out in record stores, like Tower Records, listening to what they played or flipping through the record racks in the genres I like.   Times have changed.  Although Sirius XM radio has made it easier to listen to a particular genre in the car, I no longer have a commute since I’m semi-retired and work at home.  I rarely listen to the radio as I walk from our bedroom to my office.  Record stores are all but gone, as are Border’s Books, where I’d often find new music on their CD listening stations.  These days, when buy music, it’s from the Amazon mp3 Store.   So on the occasions that I do find a new favorite artist, it’s usually from the Recommended for You bar when on the mp3 store homepage.

amazon recs

I can click on a recording then listen to (too short) clips of each song on an album (Does any one else call them albums?  What, exactly, are they?).  Sometimes, the clips kick in in the middle of the song and sometimes, it’s mostly intro.  The process lacks the tactile joy of flipping through record racks but it sometimes yields new favorites.

This week, though, I was playing Which is the Best Version? using the Burt Bacharach song, The Look of Love.  Along with Dusty Springfield’s, Dionne Warwick’s and Diana Krall’s versions was one by Marilyn Scott.  It was very nice.  Now, it turns out Marilyn Scott has also showed up on my Amazonmarilyn2 Recommended for You list because she’s a female vocalist who sings standards in the soft jazz genre, all three of which fit my Amazon mp3 buying profile.  This week, I bought her recording, Handpicked, which includes The Look of Love, as well as excellent covers of the Ray Charles hit, You Don’t Know Me, and my favorite Peter Gabriel song, In Your Eyes.  Incidentally, although she is new to me, Marilyn is not a new artist … she’s only five years younger than I and she’s been performing since she was fifteen.

One of the inspirational songs on Handpicked is The Last Day, which asks, If today were the last of all days, Would it change how you feel, who you are?  I found this video of the song on YouTube.  Enjoy!

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One Comment on “Friday Favorites 12/14/2012”

  1. cherperz Says:

    The song and video are quite pretty. I agree that it is much harder to hear new music. I listen to the radio a lot in the car but they tend to play the “hot” songs over and over. There was a time I could listen to MTV or VH1 to hear music but now that is just a mishmash of trashy reality like shows. I,too liked Borders. Once in awhile when I have time I listen to samples off of Barnes and Nobles or some of the other stores that sell music.

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