newtownI knew something was wrong when I tuned my car radio to the local sports talk station and the hosts were talking about gun control.   It’s never a good thing when the sports guys are talking about something that really matters.  I switched to a news station and heard about the tragic events in Newtown.  My first reaction was to want to hear the voice of one of my grandkids but when I called my daughter, she didn’t answer.  As I left a message, my voice caught and I began to cry.  When I called again, my granddaughter, Savy answered.  It was just what this doctor needed.  Muri and I are from Connecticut.  One of Muri’s oldest friends lives in Newtown.  But that’s not why I was affected so deeply.  I have a vivid imagination which is not always a good thing.  While I’m sure it’s not vivid enough to fully grasp what the parents … and grandparents … of the 20 children who died yesterday are feeling, I can imagine enough to share their pain.  And my brother lost his son several years ago, which brings it even closer to home.

I felt like I needed to write something and began to mentally compose a post titled Pointless.   Then I read thesinglecell’s post, Newtown (here), which concluded with this line: And there is no reason.  Yes.  She’d said everything I was thinking, only better.  So, my Newtown is a memorial to the babies … and a prayer for the their parents.  The poem is by Judi Walker, who lost her son, Shane, to a shooting in 1997.

May they all find peace in the Heart of God.

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4 Comments on “Newtown”

  1. Your conceived post would have been just as valid as mine – but thank you for your kindness.

  2. your daughter Says:

    I cannot understand evil like this. It really makes me want to home school my kids & keep the with me all day. It’s hard to imagine what those parents must be going through.

  3. As a parent and now a grandparent who soon will be a step-great-grandparent too, it is incomprehensible to try to think about what the parents of these children, the families of the adults too, must be thinking now about and trying to wrap their minds around such a horrific act. There are no words to adequately describe the sick feelings that surely must be in the pits of so many stomachs tonight and as “Single Cell” said in her post, “There is no reason!” I can’t even begin to think how I would feel were something so terrible were to happen to one of my children -now adults or to one of my precious grandchildren.

  4. Allison Says:

    Reading your post, and the one you mentioned from thesinglecell, made me cry again, echoing my thoughts and grief. I know what you mean about an overactive imagination, for situations like this it is hardly helpful. I’ve sworn off the news for a while, I just really don’t need any more details.

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