Monday Smiles – 12/17/2012

angelsLike many of you, I suppose, I’m having trouble getting past the Sandy Hook tragedy to get on with my holiday season.  The news coverage seems relentless in its efforts to provide us with every detail … and the latest on the search for a motive, as if any motive will make any sense of what is, at its center, senseless.   I’m tired of hearing pointless commentary by journalists and politicians. I tend to be melancholy during the Christmas season anyway … more on that later in the week … and every child I encountered during the weekend reminded me of the pain of the families who’d lost their children in Newtown.  Sunday morning, the internet offered the names of the victims along with pictures of some of the children.   I made it through three angelic smiling faces before my eyes were too filled with tears to continue.  But it seems right somehow that we should ache, too.

Still, I’m a fortunate man … it was a good weekend.  The local critters were out in the park when I walked Saturday and Sunday mornings with Christmas music playing on my headphones and my camera in tow.  Always good for a smile.



We celebrated the eighth day of Chanukkah early because my son, Aaron, was headed to a Christmas party and because Muri and I were going out for dinner with our friends, Ron and Kerry.  There was a charm for Muri’s bracelet, a coffee cup warmer for Aaron, and change counter for me  and squeaky toys for Mr. P and Elvis, our son’s cats.  Even the cats were smiling.


We had our holiday dinner at the beautifully decorated Gulliver’s restaurant in Newport Beach whose specialty is prime rib with Yorkshire pudding, which we all enjoyed.   Our waitress told us that the bartender decorated the place by himself by staying there for 48 hours straight.  It is a lovely place to celebrate with friends.



Sunday was a lazy day, which for me meant watching football and basketball … I was two out of three: the Broncos won, MY Lakers won and the Patriots lost, although it was a very exciting game.  For dinner, I decided to make chicken pomodoropomodoro, a kissing cousin of chicken cacciatore, and spaghetti.   Everything was proceeding according to plan until I tried to pour the spaghetti into the colander to drain, at which point I poured approximately two cups of boiling water on my left foot.  Yes, ouch. But  Muri ran to the store for some burn gel that saved the day.  Then I sat up late watching A Christmas Carol, getting teary-eyed as Ebeneezer Scrooge reforms himself on Christmas morning.

And that’s how I am today.  It’s Monday.  I’m smiling … but not without few tears.

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3 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 12/17/2012”

  1. I come to this post on Monday night, but I offer this reminder and thought in case it’s helpful in any way: yesterday (Sunday) was Gaudete Sunday in the Catholic faith – the third Sunday of Advent, you may recall. The one with the pink candle. Gaudete is Latin for “Joy.” It reminds us that, even in our seemingly endless (spiritual) waiting for redemption and the fulfillment of hope, there is joy… because we know it is coming. I’m not commonly one for chapter & verse, but here’s the relevant one: Psalms 30:5 “…weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” Amen.

  2. cherperz Says:

    Our weekend went very much like yours in terms of the sad news from Newtown. It’s too hard to hear the ongoing details on the TV. There is no rational explanation for the irrational. While I heard others at church saying that being at church helped…it seemed to make me more sad to see all the little children being so cute and sweet. Knowing that there are parents grieving today for the loss of their little ones.

    The restaurant looks festive. There is no way I would stay up 48 hours to decorate. On the other hand my husband who loves Christmas decorations would while I sleep.

  3. It has truly been a time in which trying to make sense of the events is an impossibility. This past Sunday at our church, the gentleman who was supposed to be there to lead the service and give the sermon didn’t show up. So a man from our congregation along with a young man -age 19 -volunteered to lead the service. The 19-year-old had lead the service a few weeks back on Youth Sunday and tried to incorporate notes from that service’s sermon along with the lessons of the day and the word he chose to focus on was “Joy.” The next time I see him, I will have to tell him of Single Cell’s comment and Psalms 30:5 -to show him just how intuitive her speech really was.

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